Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts

Minister for Housing and Works; Indigenous Affairs; Heritage; Land Information

    Young indigenous people benefit from a winning partnership

    22/09/2007 7:00 PM

    Housing and Works and Indigenous Affairs Minister Michelle Roberts has opened a triplex complex in Kununurra that will provide accommodation for up to 15 young indigenous people.

    The project is part of the ‘Something Concrete’ program, an initiative of the Beacon Foundation, which builds homes and creates employment in the East Kimberley region for local young people.

    Mrs Roberts said the triplex project was brokered by the Beacon Foundation, which initiated projects that demonstrated solutions to youth unemployment and encouraged self-help at a local level, and the Kununurra-based Wunan Foundation, which seeks to improve socio-economic outcomes for indigenous people in the East Kimberley.

    The construction phase of the project was a partnership between the Beacon and Wunan Foundations and the Department of Housing and Works and provided several employment opportunities for young indigenous people.

    “This is an outstanding example of a way to build houses and create real jobs for young local indigenous people,” the Minister said.

    “The Wunan Foundation also employed 11 young indigenous trainees, five of whom have now progressed to their second-year apprenticeships.

    “The skills they’ve learned through working on this project will serve them and their families for a lifetime and they’ve done themselves and their community proud.”

    Mrs Roberts said the Wunan Foundation had taken overall responsibility for the completion of the project and made a significant financial contribution in their own right.

    “In addition to the already successful Wunan Hostel, this reflects the foundation’s strong commitment to both the young trainees and to improving accommodation options for young indigenous people making the transition to work,” she said.

    “The Aboriginal Lands Trust provided funding for the purchase of the land and the Indigenous Land Council made a financial contribution for landscaping. They have also had open day information sessions, living skills training for residents, and development of policies for the operation of the property.

    “The completed project reflects the drive and commitment of the Beacon and Wunan Foundations to the training of indigenous people.

    “The Carpenter Government is using our strong economy to deliver better services to our regions.”

    Minister's office: 9213 6600