John Kobelke

John Kobelke

Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Community Safety; Water Resources; Sport and Recreation

    Successful police recruitment campaign takes next step

    14/09/2007 1:11 PM

    A highly successful recruitment campaign has seen 100 applicants a month apply to become an officer in the WA Police.

    Police Minister John Kobelke said the campaign was helping meet the State Government’s promise to provide an extra 350 police officers in this term of Government.

    Stage Two of a $1million recruitment campaign would begin this weekend with television advertisements encouraging more people to become police officers.

    “This part of the campaign targets local people and shows real police officers talking about the many benefits the job of policing offers,” the Minister said.

    “Local recruitment is a priority, notwithstanding the overwhelming success of the overseas recruiting campaign launched last year.

    “In the last year or two, local recruiting has been a real challenge for police given the State’s booming economy and strength of the labour market.

    “This campaign is squarely aimed at reminding the community that being a police officer is a great job. There’s incredible variety, interesting challenges, great camaraderie and the satisfaction of doing an outstanding job for the community.

    “I make a point of telling new recruits when I attend graduation ceremonies at the Police Academy that their job means every day they can have a real impact on people’s lives.”

    Mr Kobelke said the Direct Entry program had recruited 450 officers from overseas, interstate and local officers who were looking to return to the WA Police. It also included Aboriginal police liaison officers becoming sworn officers.

    From those 450, more than 270 have come from countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, Denmark and The Netherlands.

    Assistant Commissioner (Professional Development) Mal Skeffington said that this financial year, WA Police was targeting 320 local recruits.

    “We have a multi-faceted strategy to boost recruiting and reduce attrition to ensure that WA Police is at full strength,” he said.

    “In recent months, local applications have risen about 35 per cent from an average of 73 per month last year to 100 in July and August.

    “Our focus remains on local recruiting but we are in the enviable position of having hundreds of experienced officers from the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand literally queuing up to join WA Police.”

    Mr Skeffington said the recruitment campaign included offering 30 traineeships for women and 90 positions for cadets.

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