Ljiljanna Ravlich

Ljiljanna Ravlich

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    Fit Kit' to promote positive mental health of young people during exam time

    13/09/2007 12:30 PM

    Youth Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich today launched a new resource designed to help young Western Australians deal with the mental and physical stresses of exam time.

    Ms Ravlich launched the ‘Fit Mind - Fit Body & Soul’ information kit at a special pre-exam stress management workshop that was held at Kings Park by the Office for Youth, and attended by 40 high school students from Corpus Christi College and Sevenoaks Senior College.

    The Minister said the resource contained a series of help sheets to assist young people to reach a healthy balance in their lives.

    “Growing up can be complex and young people today have many conflicting demands on their time,” she said.

    “Many young people say they experience stress as a result of balancing work and school commitments, and dealing with the expectations of family and friends.

    “This stress often places considerable strain on a young person’s mental and emotional health, especially during exam time.”

    The Minister said it was extremely important that young people developed the skills to live life to the fullest by striving to maintain a happy balance.

    “It is hoped that young people will use the kit to help them to prepare for and successfully manage particularly stressful situations and periods in their lives,” she said.

    The ‘Fit Mind - Fit Body & Soul Kit’ includes a series of help sheets that focus on topical issues including loss and grief, body image, bullying, relationships and coping with stress, pressure and expectation.

    The help sheets can be downloaded from http://www.childrenandyouth.wa.gov.au and all secondary schools will be sent a copy of the kit before the end of term three.

    The kit includes strategies that will help young people to alleviate some of the stress associated with exams, such as tips for planning, organising and, most importantly, relaxing.

    Research has found that students are most likely to be successful in their exams when they:
    • set small goals and break tasks into manageable blocks of time;
    • are organised and list their priorities;
    • allow some time for exercise and leisure, and eat sensibly;
    • focus on things they can control and let go of things they can’t;
    • maintain positive relationships with family and friends, and discuss any problems with this important network;
    • are realistic about what they expect of themselves;
    • get plenty of sleep; and
    • learn and practise simple techniques for relaxation.
    “The wellbeing of our young people is one of the top priorities of the Carpenter Government,” Ms Ravlich said.

    In addition to the Office for Youth’s ‘Fit Mind - Fit Body & Soul Kit’, the State Government’s Mental Health Strategy 2004-07 ensures that young people with mental health problems are given the best opportunities for early intervention.

    Mental health services in WA are expanding rapidly, with additional funding of $173.4million being provided over three years.

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