Tony McRae

Tony McRae

Former Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Disability Services

    Rescued sun bears arrive in Perth

    24/01/2007 9:16 AM

    After years of planning and fundraising, two rescued Cambodian sun bears have arrived safely in Perth.

    Environment Minister Tony McRae said the bears, four-year-old Bopha and six-year-old Jamran, were flown from Cambodia to Perth in the final leg of Project Sun Bear.

    “The bears arrived safe and well last night and have been transferred to their new home at Perth Zoo,” Mr McRae said.

    “They will now be given time to settle into their new surroundings before being introduced to the public in a couple of weeks’ time.”

    The Minister said Bopha and Jamran were taken illegally from the wild as cubs and suffered at the hands of their captors.

    “Since their rescue, Jamran and Bopha have been cared for at the Free The Bears Fund sanctuary in Cambodia,” he said.

    “The bears were accompanied to Perth by Vuthy (pronounced Vootee), head bear keeper at the sanctuary, to help them settle into their new home.”

    Mc McRae said Perth Zoo had been working closely with the Free The Bears Fund to provide the two rescued bears with a new life in Perth as part of an Australasian breeding program.

    “The zoo has received wonderful support from sponsors, the business community and members of the public to raise the money to build a new sun bear exhibit, transfer the bears to Perth and support a breeding program,” he said.

    The bears are expected to make their public debut in February.

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