David Templeman

David Templeman

Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Peel

    Pinjarra station construction heralds new era of rail in Peel

    24/01/2007 12:46 PM

    Rebuilding Pinjarra’s rail station was an exciting step in the development of the historic town’s tourism and transport precinct, Peel Minister David Templeman said.

    “This construction will begin the process of bringing together the past and the future as Stage One of the Pinjarra Heritage Precinct,” Mr Templeman said.

    “It will link the important Hotham Valley Tourist Railway departure platform with the new rail station and in so doing, provide better and safer access at this major tourism service.”

    More than 125 years have passed since the original rail station was built, and the process of rebuilding the station officially commenced today, January 24.

    “This new station, built in 2007, will replace the original station which was burnt down in 1986 and will cost just under $850,000, with the funding provided by the State and Federal Governments,” the Minister said.

    “It is, perhaps, with the same sense of progress that the founding fathers of Pinjarra had in 1883, that I stand here today and announce the formal re-building of the station.

    “It was in that year, 125 years ago, the Pinjarra rail line first opened up, with the station built and operational three years later in 1886.

    “The total cost of construction was 2,485 pounds 10 shillings 11 pence, and its buildings consisted of a 50 by 12 foot timber shed.

    “Although the station is in some ways not as critical as it was in our pioneer past, the reconstruction of a fully functioning station remains vital to the life of Pinjarra today.”

    Mr Templeman said the Pinjarra Visitor Centre would relocate to the precinct from Edenvale, allowing better access to the centre’s services by users of the Australind and Hotham Valley Tourist Railway and a greater synergy of Pinjarra’s tourism services.

    Alcoa would also take up office space in the new area.

    “I would like to thank and wish good progress to the Shire of Murray which is managing the station’s construction on behalf of the Rail Heritage Foundation of WA,” the Minister said.

    “This project is of value to the town, the shire, the region and the State, and complements the advances being made in modernising Western Australia’s rail services for the benefit of business and communities.”

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