Tony McRae

Tony McRae

Former Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Disability Services

    Make sure your pets are safe from fireworks dangers

    23/01/2007 9:50 AM

    With four separate fireworks displays set to light up the sky over Perth on Australia Day, pet owners are urged to make sure their pets are safe before heading to celebrations this Friday.

    The loud explosions and bursts of colour from the fireworks planned in the Perth city, Fremantle, Mindarie and Hillarys could be extremely frightening for animals, in particular dogs, which have hyper-sensitive hearing.

    Acting Local Government Minister Tony McRae and RSPCA president Lynne Bradshaw have made a joint call for pet owners to take some simple precautions ahead of the Australia Day fireworks.

    Following the smaller fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve, the RSPCA Animal Shelter in Malaga and many local council dog pounds were inundated with calls from distressed dog owners, whose scared animals had bolted during the night.

    “If dogs were startled by the smaller fireworks around Perth on New Year’s Eve, then the Australia Day skyshows will be even more distressing for pets throughout the metropolitan area,” Mr McRae said.

    Mrs Bradshaw said no matter how far people were from the fireworks, the sound could still affect their dogs, triggering an unpredictable, and even dangerous, response.

    “Dogs have been known to break through fences, crash through glass doors or even run on to busy roadways - just to escape the frightening noise,” she said.

    “Sadly, they can be seriously injured or even killed.”

    Pet owners should consider:
    • placing animals in a safe, secure location, such as a locked garage or the laundry;
    • closing doors, windows and curtains and turning on the tv/stereo to help drown out the noise; and
    • ensuring pets are wearing identification tags and are microchipped, so owners can be easily reunited with them if they escape.
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