Tony McRae

Tony McRae

Former Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Disability Services

    South-coast Marine Planning Advisory Group

    22/12/2006 2:45 PM

    The State Government today called for individuals and organisations to get involved in planning for the future of Western Australia’s south-coast marine environment.

    Environment Minister Tony McRae said local representatives were needed for an advisory group to develop a Marine Strategic Plan for the State’s south-coastal waters, between Cape Leeuwin to the South Australian border.

    “I want people and organisations with an interest in the sustainable future of this region’s marine environment to submit an application for membership,” Mr McRae said.

    “Commercial and recreational fishers, marine aquaculturalists, tourist operators, indigenous groups, divers, boating enthusiasts, conservation groups, local researchers and any other interested people are invited to apply.

    “The planning and a multi-agency team of Government representatives will develop a draft strategy for planning and management of all marine uses along the south-coast.

    “The goal is the sustainable use of south-coast marine resources and the protection of its unique marine life.”

    The Minister said the strategic plan was the first for WA State waters and was being prepared as part of the Government’s Regional Marine Planning initiative announced in September.

    Albany MLA Peter Watson said it was another example of the Carpenter Government involving the community in decisions.

    “It gives our community the opportunity to have their say on vitally important issues surrounding our environment and we need local people dealing with these local issues,” Mr Watson said.

    Applications should contain a brief resume; an indication of issues of particular interest in marine planning and management; membership of organisations with an interest in marine matters; any particular geographic areas of interest; and place of residence, with preference given to residents of the south-coast.

    Opportunities will also be provided for broader public input to the strategic plan as this is developed.

    Expressions of interest should be sent by February 19 to:

    South Coast Regional Marine Planning Advisory Group
    Department of Environment and Conservation
    120 Albany Highway
    Albany 6330.

    Further information on the planning advisory group and the regional marine planning process can be obtained from Ian Herford at the Albany office of the Department of Environment and Conservation, phone 9842 4500 .

    Minister's office - 9213 7150