Tony McRae

Tony McRae

Former Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Disability Services

    Double or Nothing' for licence-losers

    20/10/2006 9:15 AM

    Western Australian drivers facing licence suspension for loss of demerit points will soon be able to choose a ‘double or nothing’ good behaviour option.

    The new initiative, which excludes P-platers, will offer suspended drivers the opportunity to keep their licences, provided they gain no more than a one-point penalty over 12 months.

    Assisting Planning and Infrastructure Minister Tony McRae said the idea was for licence-holders to improve their behaviour behind the wheel or face more time off the road.

    “If drivers accept the ‘Double or Nothing’ option and then commit other offences which earn them two or more demerit points within the 12-month period, then they forfeit the privilege to share our roads,” Mr McRae said.

    “If the original licence suspension was for three months, then with the ‘Double or Nothing’ legislation, a driver would be suspended from our roads for six months.

    “Results from the introduction of this legislation in the Eastern States have shown 70 per cent of drivers who accept this second-chance offer change their behaviour to become better, safer drivers.”

    Drivers who lose their licences and want to nominate for the ‘Double or Nothing’ option will be able to apply without having to hire a lawyer or attend court.

    The legislation will abolish the current system of extraordinary licences for suspended drivers’ licences for demerit point offences.

    The ‘Double or Nothing’ legislation also introduces the ‘one person - one licence’ principle, which would require drivers from other States or Territories to surrender their licences before receiving a WA licence.

    This would lead to all offences committed across Australia being registered against the one Western Australian licence.

    “The legislation also establishes a mutual recognition system between the States for all assessments, tests and other licensing matters between all States and Territories,” the Minister said.

    “This will result in a driver disqualified in one jurisdiction being disqualified in all jurisdictions.”

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