Jim McGinty

Jim McGinty

Attorney General; Minister for Health; Electoral Affairs

    Dangerous sex offender to stay behind bars indefinitely

    31/10/2006 6:30 PM

    The Supreme Court has ordered that a serious sex offender be kept behind bars beyond his prison sentence because he poses an ongoing danger to the community.

    Attorney General Jim McGinty told State Parliament today that this was the first order of its type handed down by the court under the Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act 2006.

    Mr McGinty said the laws, which came into effect in May this year, enabled the court to issue an indefinite detention order or a strict supervision order if there was an unacceptable risk of a sexual offender striking again.

    Yesterday, after hearing all the evidence, Justice Murray took the view that 48-year-old Edward William Latimer was a serious danger to the community and ordered that he be detained indefinitely, to be reviewed in one year.

    Latimer was serving a jail term of two years and eight months after he was convicted in the Perth District Court on March 30, 2005, on the charge of attempted sexual penetration without consent.

    In broad daylight, Latimer had attempted to rape a 34-year-old Aboriginal male who was asleep in a park in Northbridge.

    During his time in prison, Latimer denied committing the offence and did not participate in a sexual offender treatment program.

    In February 1996, Latimer was sentenced to five-and-a-half years’ jail for aggravated sexual penetration after a violent assault on a woman at the Perth Railway Station.

    Latimer also served two years and three months for four other indecent assaults committed in 1991 and has numerous other convictions, including wilful exposure, assault and breach of a violence restraining order.

    Psychiatric reports tendered to the court yesterday stated that Latimer presented a high risk of committing a serious sexual offence if released.

    “The community deserves to be protected from dangerous sexual predators like Edward Latimer,” Mr McGinty said.

    “Sex offenders who pose a serious and ongoing risk, especially to children and women, should remain behind bars indefinitely.”

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