Norm Marlborough

Norm Marlborough

Former Minister for Small Business; Peel and the South West; Minister Assisting the Minister for Education and Training

    Official opening of St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School upgrade

    22/09/2006 2:25 PM

    Assisting Education and Training Minister and Member for Peel Norm Marlborough MLA, today officially opened additions to St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School in Port Kennedy.

    “I am delighted to be able to open these additional facilities at St Bernadette’s Primary School that will enable the school to increase the number of classes in some years and provide students with better learning opportunities,” Mr Marlborough said.

    The additions include six new classrooms, a multi-purpose room, a library block, computer room, and basketball courts, considerably boosting facilities for the 470 students at the school.

    The State Government has provided low interest loans to the value of nearly $2million to St Bernadette’s Primary School, including $861,000 in loans for the latest project.

    The total cost of the latest additions was in excess of $1.3million of which the school contributed more than $100,000 and a Commonwealth Government capital grant was received for the balance of the cost.

    “The State Government places a great deal of importance on delivering top quality education to all Western Australian students, both at Government and non-Government schools,” Mr Marlborough said.

    “I congratulate St Bernadette’s Primary School principal Des Wilkie, the teachers, parents and other volunteers who have worked towards this goal and without whom this great school would not have become what it is today.”

    Mr Wilkie said the State Government’s support had enabled the school to better meet the needs of the community.

    “The school has made a giant leap forward in being able to offer a full range of facilities and educational opportunities for our 470 students,” Mr Wilkie said.

    State Government low interest loans of $25million are allocated annually for approved buildings and facilities in non-Government schools.

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