Norm Marlborough

Norm Marlborough

Former Minister for Small Business; Peel and the South West; Minister Assisting the Minister for Education and Training

    WA small business results lead the nation

    29/08/2006 1:00 PM

    Small Business Minister Norm Marlborough says figures released today showing that Western Australian small businesses are leading the nation in sales growth and business confidence, reflect the State Government’s good management of the economic boom.

    “Small business in WA has continued to power ahead in the last quarter while the rest of the nation stood still and there is no sign of an end to the growth in this State,” Mr Marlborough said.

    The latest Sensis Business Index shows sales growth in WA outpaced the national average by 30 percentage points, while in contrast, sales growth in New South Wales dropped 16 percentage points below the national average.

    “Unlike other States, WA is still riding on a high, with business confidence at 68 per cent - the strongest show of business confidence in Australia,” Mr Marlborough said.

    “That figure would probably be higher if it were not for small business concerns about fuel prices and interest rates,” he added.

    “It is very encouraging to see the State’s powerful economy continuing to have such a positive effect on businesses of all sizes.”

    The survey reveals that WA is leading in all areas including the profitability indicator, which rose by eight percentage points to 20 per cent.

    “This result is particularly impressive, since profitability nationally has declined a further two percentage points to negative four per cent,” the Minister said.

    There has been a significant improvement in capital expenditure since the last Sensis Report in May, which indicated WA was on a par with the national average.

    The latest national average figure for small business investment is at negative 11 per cent.

    “WA has charged ahead now with capital expenditure at 10 per cent - an outstanding result, considering national investment has been so poor,” Mr Marlborough said.

    “These figures reflect good news for small and medium businesses in WA and reinforce the fact that the WA economy is forging ahead of the rest of the nation.”

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