Norm Marlborough

Norm Marlborough

Former Minister for Small Business; Peel and the South West; Minister Assisting the Minister for Education and Training

    Marlborough gets offer of 100 jobs in Collie

    21/08/2006 4:15 PM

    A total of 100 new job opportunities for young people have been made available at a unique Collie Job Summit convened by South-West Minister Norm Marlborough.

    “When we put the proposition to Collie businesses to come up with employment opportunities for young people in the town, I was overwhelmed by industry’s generous response - 100 new jobs were put on the table,” Mr Marlborough said.

    “This is a fantastic example of where business and training providers have been brought together to solve the problem of identifying career opportunities.”

    Local MLA Mick Murray, the Collie Job Summit chairperson, said he was blown away by the response to addressing the need to get the town’s young people into work.

    “A show of hands by parents at the summit indicated that there is a problem with young people in Collie who are struggling to get a foot in the door, but the response we received from business has been overwhelming,” Mr Murray said.

    The Minister said Friday’s Collie Job Summit was unique in that it consisted of Collie-based industries which preferred to see jobs created for the local community.

    “It was clear from the summit that people realise that Collie’s future very much depends on keeping its young people working in town,” he said.

    “It is obvious that with these type of opportunities, kids do not need to leave town to succeed.”

    Both public and private training providers at the summit including TAFE, group training options and apprenticeship brokers, offered a number of solutions aimed at getting Collie’s young people job ready.

    “By the end of the night, we had a commitment from SMYL (South Metropolitan Youth Link) and Jobs Southwest Options to assist with funding for training for the Police and Citizens’ Youth Club, which has been struggling to get six young people into their first job,” Mr Marlborough said.

    A working group has been established to match the job offers with young people in the town.

    “This summit has revealed some fantastic opportunities in Collie in the sheet metal industry, printing and publishing, plant operating and other trades, all with the promise of constructive career paths,” Mr Marlborough said.

    The Minister called on parents, the young people of Collie and the school, to realise the unique opportunity which had been placed before them as a result of the job summit.

    “We now need to put in place the processes that make sure these jobs are filled quickly,” he said.

    The working group is due to report back to the Minister when regional cabinet sits in Collie on September 4.

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