Norm Marlborough

Norm Marlborough

Former Minister for Small Business; Peel and the South West; Minister Assisting the Minister for Education and Training

    WA tops the nation in business confidence

    6/06/2006 8:54 PM

    Small business confidence in Western Australia has risen strongly in the last quarter to 71 per cent - the highest in the nation, according to the latest Sensis Business Index.

    Small Business Minister Norm Marlborough said the figures were a reflection of the State Government’s drive to maintain the momentum of WA’s V8 economy.

    “This is proof that the Carpenter Government is bolstering small business confidence across the State off the back of our resources boom,” Mr Marlborough said.

    WA business confidence strengthened four percentage points in the last three months and it was the only State to record improved confidence in that time.

    Across the nation, the largest improvement in business confidence was recorded in regional areas of WA.

    “These are outstanding results influenced - I have no doubt - by the Small Business Centre Network, which is delivering much-valued services to new and existing businesses particularly in the regions,” the Minister said.

    “We are now really starting to see the results of the resources boom coming through to small business.”

    The survey revealed that businesses in WA recorded the highest profitability performance anywhere in the country at 14 per cent above the national average.

    “It is all good news for small business across the State and we intend to continue to deliver on that positive outlook,” Mr Marlborough said.

    The report puts the State’s small business capital expenditure on par with the national average but predicts businesses will not be spending big at the end of the financial year.

    “The effect of rising fuel prices is a concern but I am confident it can be offset by the Carpenter Government’s objectives to provide a strong economic climate, better services for small business and achieving the best possible use of the services available,” the Minister said.

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