John D'Orazio

John D'Orazio

Former Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Justice; Community Safety

    Move to ban anti-social behaviour

    16/04/2006 9:33 AM

    New laws could see people who continually behave in a threatening, offensive or violent manner banned from specific public places.

    Police Minister John D’Orazio said he was considering introducing Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, which could ban individuals from continuing their behaviour, associating with certain people, or going to specific places for up to two years.

    “These orders would send offenders a clear message from the community - enough is enough, your behaviour is unacceptable and we will not put up with it any more,” Mr D’Orazio said.

    “Repeat offenders could be banned from places like Northbridge, or Fremantle and in other communities across the State where people were afraid to visit their town centre.

    “They would also enable public transport authorities to identify and ban the 100 or so offenders who repeatedly caused trouble on our trains, buses and railway stations.

    “They could be used to keep offenders out of specific parks or shopping centres, or even neighbourhoods.

    “The orders could also be used to end behaviour which had a negative impact on people living nearby, rather than forcing a person to move.

    “A similar system has been used in the UK since 1999 and I am told it has led to improvements for the communities where it has been applied.”

    Mr D’Orazio said a court would issue the anti-social behaviour orders, but a range of agencies including police, local governments and shopping centre management could apply for them.

    Community members would have a role in identifying offenders and providing evidence of anti-social behaviour.

    “It is important that these orders are only given with good reason - we cannot have them used to further personal conflicts, or appease community prejudices,” he said.

    “Receiving such an order would not in itself lead to a criminal record, but people who breached their orders would face severe penalties.”

    The Minister said he would develop a proposal for the Government’s consideration.

    Minister's office: 9213 7150