John D'Orazio

John D'Orazio

Former Minister for Police and Emergency Services; Justice; Community Safety

    Call to prepare national response for catastrophic disasters

    8/04/2006 9:57 AM

    Western Australia is supporting the early finalisation of a national emergency management plan.

    Police and Emergency Services Minister John D’Orazio said that the plan would cover catastrophic disasters, which were beyond the capacity of any single State or Territory to manage.

    “A national emergency management plan would help State, Territory and national authorities work together quickly and efficiently to respond to a major catastrophe,” Mr D’Orazio said.

    “In recent times, terrible events such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Pakistan Earthquakes and Hurricane Katrina in the USA have highlighted the need for well organised responses.

    “These catastrophes triggered an enormous requirement for rescue efforts, medical services, food and shelter.

    “As we have seen, delays and confusion can cost lives and create longer-term problems.

    “All Australian States and Territories have their own emergency management plans, and there is a high level of co-operation and support from the Commonwealth.

    “A national emergency management plan would help us prepare for a disaster on a scale that none of us ever wish to see, but the possibility of which we cannot ignore.

    “WA will provide full support and co-operation towards the speedy completion of this plan.”

    Mr D’Orazio said a meeting of State and Territory Police and Emergency Ministers with the Federal Attorney-General in Melbourne yesterday gave completion of the plan a high priority.

    Minister's office: 9213 7150