John Bowler

John Bowler

Former Minister for Local Government; Employment Protection; Racing and Gaming; Goldfields-Esperance and Great Southern

    Safety commitment needed in all industries

    13/03/2006 10:44 AM

    All Western Australian industries and workers need to strengthen their commitment to occupational safety and health.

    Employment Protection Minister John Bowler said a series of recent accidents in the State’s mining sector clearly demonstrated the urgent need for employers and employees across the State to refocus on Safety and Health issues.

    Addressing the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia’s 2006 Occupational Safety and Health Conference, Mr Bowler said all stakeholders in the resources sector needed to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring workers were able to return home safely at the end of every shift.

    “The job ahead is to create a uniform approach to safety that fosters innovation and improvement, and makes working in the industry easier,” the Minister said.

    WA is well-placed to deal with mining emergencies, not only because of its dedicated emergency response teams, but as a leader in technology for safe refuges for workers threatened by incidents such as an underground fire.

    The Department of Consumer and Employment Protection’s ‘Guideline on Refuge Chambers in Underground Metalliferous Mines’ is becoming the world standard for such installations and WA is also home to a world-leading designer and manufacturer of the refuge chambers.

    Mr Bowler said WA had shown how safety planning and training could not only prevent incidents but ensure the best possible emergency response.

    The resources sector was also encouraged to develop and implement the Safety Case model for managing Occupational Safety and Health risks.

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