Hon Brendon Grylls MLA

Hon Brendon Grylls MLA

Former Minister for Housing; Racing and Gaming

    Seniors and government workers to call Osprey home

    2/12/2016 8:45 AM
    • Up to 90 homes available for seniors, government workers and local businesses, including start-ups 

    The Liberal National Government today announced the repurposing of some of the homes in South Hedland's Osprey Key Worker Village, to meet changing needs in the region.


    Housing Minister Brendon Grylls said the normalisation of demand for affordable housing from businesses and workers had freed up homes in the village, which will now be made available for seniors, government employees and workers on short-term assignments.


    "Osprey Village was an intervention by government to rapidly increase available housing in a time of unprecedented demand, and delivered quality outcomes for local businesses and their workers when affordable housing options did not exist," Mr Grylls said.


    "It provided fully contained, contemporary housing options for key workers in an attractive setting, designed to encourage a strong sense of community.


    "Many people have chosen to remain at the village because of its amenity, affordability and sense of community.  These things will not change and will actually be enhanced by additional occupants who are unlikely or unable to access existing housing options in town."


    During the peak of the mining construction boom, some properties in South Hedland attracted rents of above $2,000 per week.  Since the village was established, the Hedland property market has normalised, leading to a lower level of demand from workers who are more able to afford housing in the local market.


    "In response to changing market conditions and housing needs in Hedland, the Liberal National Government is progressively repurposing vacant dwellings, such as those in the village, to accommodate a broader range of workers and their families," the Minister said.


    "Fifteen homes built for people with mobility issues are suitable for senior members of key worker's extended families and the village also provides a community network for them, with onsite staff delivering maintenance services.


    "Some Government Regional Officers Housing properties in Hedland are reaching the end of their useful life, while homes in the village offer increased levels of amenity and peace of mind for government workers, especially those who may be away for extended periods of time.


    "Utilising the village will allow us to refurbish those older dwellings."


    Osprey Village dwellings will also be offered on short-term leases for businesses, such as start-up enterprises, to facilitate their establishment in Hedland before they eventually move employees into the private housing market.


    Fact File

    • Osprey Village comprises 293 one, two and three-bedroom units on 12 hectares of land within the Osprey Estate subdivision 

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