Hon Paul Miles MLA

Hon Paul Miles MLA

Former Minister for Local Government; Community Services; Seniors and Volunteering; Youth

    Notice issued to Shire of Exmouth

    9/12/2016 2:00 PM
    • Shire of Exmouth issued with show cause notice
    • Shire has 21 days to respond

    Local Government Minister Paul Miles today issued the Shire of Exmouth with a show cause notice asking why the local government council should not be suspended for up to six months.


    Under the Local Government Act 1995, the Shire of Exmouth has 21 days to respond.


    The action follows the Corruption and Crime Commission's public examination into a tender process concerning the manufacture, supply and installation of an aquarium forming part of the Ningaloo Centre Project.  The project is currently under construction.


    The public examination highlighted concerns about the Shire's ability to provide good governance, tendering and procurement practices, and the use of credit cards at the Shire.


    The Minister wrote to the Shire President at the time, expressing his concerns about governance issues. 


    Mr Miles said he had ensured that the Department of Local Government and Communities had been liaising closely with the Shire's acting chief executive officer on this matter.  A senior compliance officer from the department has also attended council meetings.


    "A significant number of issues emerged during this liaison, giving rise to concerns about the council's ability to effectively manage the operations of the Shire and to provide good government for the people in its community," he said.


    "I have formed the view there is sufficient evidence that it is inappropriate for the Shire of Exmouth's council to continue without intervention.


    "I am committed to protecting the interests of ratepayers throughout WA and ensuring that residents, businesses and the community of Exmouth can have confidence in their council."


    In accordance with obligations under the Act, the Minister will decide what action to take after he has received a response from the Shire.


    Fact File

    • A show cause notice is issued under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995
    • Under the Act, a council may be suspended for up to six months and councillors required to undergo training
    • Prior to the show cause notice being issued, a councillor resigned on November 24

    Minister's office - 6552 6600


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