Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Former Deputy Premier; Minister for Police; Road Safety; Training and Workforce Development; Women's Interests

Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA

Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA

Former Minister for State Development; Transport; Innovation

    Major campaign to improve cycling safety

    21/12/2016 6:30 PM
    • $1.1m allocated from the Road Trauma Trust Account to improve cycling safety
    • The campaign will focus on safe passing of cyclists and cars, and promote safer driving around cyclists and safer cycling around cars and pedestrians 

    The Liberal National Government will run a major education campaign to promote safer behaviour from both cyclists and motorists to improve road safety on Western Australian roads.


    Deputy Premier and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said the campaign had the support of cycling groups and would promote keeping a safe distance between cyclists and vehicles.


    "The State Government already has an offence for motorists who do not keep a safe distance from cyclists and we believe an education campaign will help enhance safety," Ms Harvey said.


    "The campaign will encourage motorists to pass cyclists safely, and cyclists to ride safely while on roads and be mindful of motorists and pedestrians."


    The education campaign was chosen over legislating for a minimum passing distance after analysis of a two-year Queensland trial found it was extremely difficult to enforce.


    Transport Minister Bill Marmion said the campaign would be evaluated to see if it had improved road safety and any recommended updates to the campaign would be considered.


    "The most important message that should be taken from this campaign is the roads and shared paths are there for a variety of users, and we must all be courteous and look out for each other's safety," Mr Marmion said.


    The Deputy Premier said in just 2016-17, the Liberal National Government had allocated a record $157 million from the Road Trauma Trust Account for road safety initiatives.


    "This includes more than $6 million on education campaigns, which have had a significant impact on getting West Australians to think about their own driving habits in terms of road safety," Ms Harvey said.


    Mr Marmion said the Liberal National Government allocated $90.5 million over four years to improve safety and bike network connectivity for West Australians.


    Fact File

    • The full Queensland evaluation can be read here

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