Hon Paul Miles MLA

Hon Paul Miles MLA

Former Minister for Local Government; Community Services; Seniors and Volunteering; Youth

Hon Terry Redman MLA

Hon Terry Redman MLA

Former Minister for Regional Development; Lands; Minister Assisting the Minister for State Development

    Grants support regional community development

    7/12/2016 9:00 AM
    • $174,701 in grants awarded to support community development in the regions
    • Made possible by Liberal National Government's Royalties for Regions program

    Nearly $140,000 in grants has been allocated to support community development projects at eight regional local governments, thanks to the Liberal National Government.


    Local Government Minister Paul Miles said the funding through the Country Local Government Fund Community Development Program would enable local governments to build stronger partnerships with community sector organisations to improve service delivery.


    Under the initiative, regional councils can apply for grants of up to $20,000 to undertake programs involving best practice in community development and working in partnership with the not-for-profit sector and community.


    "Local governments face increasingly complex social issues, as well as the need for modern facilities and services," Mr Miles said.


    "We know that a partnership approach to community development can assist in managing some of these challenges, particularly in regional areas of Western Australia.


    "This program provides funding for country local government authorities to undertake best practice community development initiatives, in partnership with community organisations, which engage the community in service design."


    Additional grants totalling $35,821 were also awarded to five councils to support scholarships for staff and elected members to undertake programs involving best practice in community development.


    Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the program would encourage more innovative and collaborative approaches to community development in regional WA.


    "This is an important investment through Royalties for Regions, which will help deliver services that best meet the needs of regional communities," Mr Redman said.


    Fact File

    • The Country Local Government Fund Community Development Program is administered by the Department of Local Government and Communities 
    • The program is one of five initiatives that received $5 million in funding over two years to improve the capacity of country local government
    • For more information, visit http://www.dlgc.wa.gov.au

    Local Government Minister's office - 6552 6600

    Regional Development Minister's office - 6552 6700


    Country Local Government Fund Community Development Program - Grant recipients


    Organisation nameProject nameAmount Project descriptionRegion
    City of AlbanySpencer Park Neighbourhood Hub$10,500

    The City of Albany will develop a 'neighbourhood hub' in the suburb of Spencer Park.  The demographics indicate an increased risk of social isolation for Spencer Park residents and it is rated in the lowest five suburbs of Albany by the SEIFA Index.


    With funding challenges to secure a building for the hub, the project will use local spaces, such as parks and coffee shops, and a virtual platform.


    One objective of the city's Strategic Community Plan was to advocate, plan and build friendly and connected communities.  Residents identified that they want a greater connection to the local neighbourhood, particularly through events, activities and social gatherings.


    The project will be delivered in four stages of community engagement; planning and prioritisation; implementation; and review and evaluation.  Residents will complete a perception survey at the completion of the project.

    Great Southern
    City of MandurahThe Peel Early Years Collective$18,500

    The City of Mandurah, on behalf of the Peel Early Years Collective, will contract a consultant to assist the group to improve the lives of children in the Peel region.  The group is exploring a collective impact approach to achieve this goal.


    Grant funds will be expended to provide training sessions, workshops, a community engagement strategy design session, and mentoring for the governance group.  The aim is to upskill the group to better engage with the community to continue the work of the group.


    The two key priorities of the group for the next year are to engage strategic support and community involvement.

    Shire of MurrayCommunity Driven Youth Activities Project$20,000

    The Shire of Murray aims to provide activities to young people in various local communities.  The shire will work in partnership with community groups to build capacity for future delivery of the programs.


    The grant will assist to drive the project and seek strong support from the community.  The project will be provided in direct response to community feedback obtained during the development of the shire's Youth Strategy 2016-2021.

    City of KarrathaABCD Community Builders Learning Sites Initiative$20,000

    The City of Karratha will create a local learning site as part of the ABCD Community Builder Learning Sites national initiative.  By purchasing this toolbox, the city can ensure that resources remain within the region and can build local capacity of city staff and community organisations.  The project will feature a peer learning and sharing of residents from more than 70 participating towns in Australia.  The focus will be on Dampier and Roebourne initially.


    The model empowers local residents to become co-creators of their future rather than clients of the programs and services implemented through top-down approaches.  This project will give residents access to a wide range of practical tools, asset-mapping resources, support material, and a means to host conversations.

    City of BusseltonTime to Play$15,000

    The City of Busselton, with the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, will undertake the Time to Play project, which targets the five key development domains of the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC): physical health and wellbeing; social competence; emotional maturity; language and cognitive skills; and community skills and general knowledge.  The recent census results for the Busselton community identified that the city and surrounding suburbs have declined in various domains, to evidence a need for this program.


    The project will be implemented through a series of events within the region, targeting 0 to 6 year-olds.  Each event will directly link to one of the five domains of the AEDC.  The events will support parents and caregivers of children, while bringing together service providers, agencies and support groups.


    In February 2016, the Capes Early Years Network was established, as a result of community consultation, and has representatives from a number of organisations.  This network has developed a draft strategic plan.

    Shire of CapelHarnessing the Power of Community to Improve Outcomes for Children$17,600

    The Shire of Capel will expand the service delivery capacity of the Carey Park Child and Parent Centre to provide sustainable early years activities and parent support programs to families in Dalyellup.  This project is an early intervention strategy, targeting 0 to 8 year-olds and their families, which will develop the necessary skills, abilities and competencies for children to successfully engage in school and community life.


    The project aims to provide early identification and support for high-risk families, access to a greater range of targeted services, increased accessibility of programs and services, and increased co-ordination and integration of services.

    Shire of WanderingMental Health and Wellness in Wandering$17,280

    The Shire of Wandering will deliver a multi-layered program designed to connect the diverse needs of the local community.  The project will have four key elements: targeted mental health workshops; Savvy Seniors Cafe; fitness classes and yoga sessions; and identify volunteers to train as fitness instructors or yoga instructors.


    The projects are designed to improve and strengthen partnerships within the community and with not-for-profit groups.  The shire's Strategic Community Plan has identified promoting community programs and events that take place at the community centre to increase patronage as a priority and the project has been designed to deliver the majority of the program from this centre.

    Shire of West ArthurMen's Sheds - Tools for Rural Health and Wellbeing$20,000

    The Shire of West Arthur, in partnership with the shires of Dumbleyung and Lake Grace, will develop an action plan to address the needs of men's health and well-being using the existing Men's Sheds located in each of the member councils.


    The project will allow for the identification of local needs, support the voicing of local concerns, promote local community groups, and encourage and enable people to carry out activities at a local level to improve the local communities.




    Country Local Government Fund Community Development Program - Scholarship recipients


    Organisation nameProject nameAmount Project descriptionRegion
    Shire of CoolgardieCountry Local Government Fund Community Development Scholarship$10,000

    The Shire of Coolgardie will support the Manager Community Services to undertake a Diploma of Community Services through Open Training and Education Network (OTEN) TAFE NSW.


    The course will strengthen the applicant's knowledge of the practical and theoretical aspects of community development, which can then be distributed to staff and contribute to an organisation-wide understanding of community development.


    The applicant is directly involved in the delivery and outcomes of the shire's Strategic Corporate Plan and the skills gained through this course will assist to meet the objectives of the shire.

    Shire of DenmarkCountry Local Government Fund Community Development Scholarship$7,000

    The Shire of Denmark will support the Junior Youth Worker to undertake a Diploma of Community Services through the Great Southern Institute of Technology.


    The knowledge and skills gained through completing the course will enhance the services delivered at Denmark Youth Services.  The applicant aims to assist young people in the future and contribute actively within the community.


    The shire's Strategic Community Plan prioritises the encouragement of opportunities, employment and facilities for young people and to involve them in community decision-making.

    Great Southern
    Shire of MurrayCountry Local Government Fund Community Development Scholarship$4,392

    The Shire of Murray will support the Community Development Officer to undertake a Diploma of Community Development through the University of Notre Dame.


    Completion of this course will enable the applicant to partner with the community to develop and deliver initiatives that build community capacity through social change processes.


    The shire has been identified as one of the fastest growing corridors in Western Australia and will face many challenges during this phase of growth.  It is important that the staff are capable and adequately trained to achieve the direction of the shire's Strategic Community Plan.

    Shire of WaroonaCountry Local Government Fund Community Development Scholarship$10,000

    The Shire of Waroona will support the Community Development Officer to undertake a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Community Development and Management, through Murdoch University.


    By completing this course, a number of priorities from the shire's Workforce Plan, Strategic Community Plan, and Corporate Business Plan will be met, predominantly to build the capacity of staff through training and to retain a supported, motivated and high-performing workforce.

    Shire of YilgarnCountry Local Government Fund Community Development Scholarship$4,429

    The Shire of Yilgarn will support the Manager Community Services to undertake a Diploma of Community Development through TAFE Queensland.


    By completing this course, the applicant would gain new skills and knowledge to assist the shire to achieve the goals identified in the Strategic Community Plan and, in turn, benefit the broader community.


    Through understanding community needs and how to identify them, the applicant will be able to better meet these needs and engage more effectively with the community.




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