Hon Donna Faragher MEd (Hons) BA (Hons) GradDipEd JP MLC

Hon Donna Faragher MEd (Hons) BA (Hons) GradDipEd JP MLC

Former Minister for Planning; Disability Services

    Design behind decision on Amendment 46

    16/12/2016 12:20 PM
    • Amendment 46 to be modified before Ministerial approval   
    • Modifications focus on quality design outcomes, maintaining the area's character and traffic impact
    • Measures to manage height and scale

    Planning Minister Donna Faragher has considered Amendment 46 to the City of South Perth's Local Planning Scheme and requested the city make several modifications before approval is given.


    Mrs Faragher said the modifications would ensure height, design quality, retention of street trees, amenity and traffic were key considerations when determining development applications for the South Perth peninsula.


    "In my determination, I have considered and accepted the recommendation of the Western Australian Planning Commission which also included advice from the Office of the Government Architect, and believe the modifications will deliver positive outcomes for the peninsula, its residents and the wider community," she said.


    "Rather than imposing a blanket restriction on height, I have accepted the recommendation of the Western Australian Planning Commission and have not prescribed a maximum height limit.

    However, for additional height to be considered a more stringent set of performance-based design principles must now be met."


    Performance criteria introduced for such consideration above basic limits include consideration of whether a proposal exhibits exemplary design quality and contributes to the quality of the inner-urban environment being promoted within the precinct.


    "The modifications introduce improved measures to manage height and scale through design criteria and require a detailed assessment by a Council-nominated design review panel or suitably qualified consultants, to ensure proposals do not negatively impact adjoining properties and views to South Perth," the Minister said.


    "The South Perth peninsula's location close to existing and potential public transport and its proximity to the city, supports appropriate density.  However, the peninsula forms part of some of the most iconic views in the city and it is important that new buildings contribute positively to the area and to the wider city."


    Further, minimum non-residential floor space requirements have been reduced in response to concerns raised during consultation regarding the current land-use mix requirements.  New modifications provide greater flexibility for future uses.


    "Overall, these modifications will ensure good design outcomes that align with the character and amenity of the area, while creating a vibrant community for residents and visitors," Mrs Faragher said.


    The amendment will include the following provisions:

    • Maintaining the current extent of the Special Design Area on Mill Point Road north of Judd and Ferry streets, to the intersection with Scott Street and Frasers Lane
    • Proposals within the Special Design Area which seek additional height above the basic height limit are to be referred to a Council-nominated design review panel or any other suitably qualified consultants
    • The introduction of street setbacks (between two and four metres) to protect existing street trees and allow for new street trees to be planted
    • A requirement to undertake a traffic impact study which includes consideration of the cumulative traffic impact of concurrent development within the amendment area
    • A cap on residential car parking in developments seeking discretionary height to limit traffic generation.

    Fact File

    • The City of South Perth now has 42 days to complete the modifications prior to re-submitting the amendment for Ministerial approval

    Minister's office - 6552 5300


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