Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA

Hon Bill Marmion BE MBA MLA

Former Minister for State Development; Transport; Innovation

    Vehicle merging as easy as child’s play

    14/11/2016 8:15 AM
    • Educational campaign launched to promote safe vehicle merging
    • New merge lines part of the Traffic Congestion Management Program 

    The Liberal National Government today unveiled an educational campaign to ensure safe vehicle merging and efficient traffic flow on Perth's freeways and highways.


    Transport Minister Bill Marmion said the campaign would help make driving an easier and safer experience for West Australians.


    "This campaign has been designed and driven based on road user consultation and feedback, which has identified the need for further education on vehicle merging practice," Mr Marmion said.


    "It is focused on showing that correct driver behaviour when merging is 'child's play' and easy when you know how, with the campaign featuring a number of our future drivers."


    Earlier this year, 56 new merge lines were introduced at freeway on-ramps as part of the Main Roads' Traffic Congestion Management Program.


    "Our first priority is the safety of all road users and ensuring everyone who drives on Perth's freeways and highways are clear on how to use the new merge lanes," the Minister said.


    "While merge lines are common practice in other Australian cities, this type of concept is relatively new to Perth.


    "There are three key messages we want road users to take away from the campaign.


    "First, get up to speed and indicate before changing lanes. Second, merge at your earliest and safest opportunity. Lastly and most importantly, drivers already on the freeway need to be aware and let merging traffic in."


    Work has commenced on introducing further merge lines to Leach, Tonkin, Roe and Reid highways.


    Fact File

    • Click here to view the campaign video
    • New merge lines have been added to all freeway on-ramps
    • New merge lines expected to be completed at all highway on-ramps by June 2017 

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