Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Former Deputy Premier; Minister for Police; Road Safety; Training and Workforce Development; Women's Interests

    Landmark workers comp scheme for WA Police

    28/11/2016 6:30 AM
    • Liberal National Government to deliver workers' compensation for WA Police
    • The workers' compensation scheme will be established without the removal of current entitlements 

    The Liberal National Government has cemented its role in protecting WA Police officers by ensuring officers will be protected under the Government workers' compensation package.


    Deputy Premier and Police Minister Liza Harvey said the package of support, which included workers' compensation legislation, was established without removing current sick leave and medical reimbursement entitlements.


    Ms Harvey said workers' compensation would allow officers requiring extended leave or retirement, through a work related injury, to access funding, including potential for lump sums to pay for medical and rehabilitation services.


    "The scheme is part of a support package which also removes the medically retired process from the Loss of Confidence procedure, which affected officers found humiliating.  It also removes the automatic sacking of officers declared bankrupt without any personal wrongdoing," she said.


    "No other Government has done more to support and protect our police officers, and it is a significant achievement to add workers' compensation to that list, particularly as officers have been campaigning for nearly three decades for the scheme.


    "Western Australia's police officers have one of the most challenging jobs in the name of keeping our communities safe, and they deserve to be protected."


    WA Police have always had significant protections including 168 days of sick leave and medical costs covered, even if they were injured while off duty.  Medically retired officers also had access to ongoing medical and rehabilitation funding.


    The Deputy Premier said since 2008, WA Police officers had been protected by:

    • mandatory sentencing for assaults on police
    • a compensation scheme for medically retired officers
    • laws protecting officers in high speed pursuits
    • mandatory blood testing of offenders who bite and spit at officers. 

    Fact File

    • The workers' compensation scheme will not be retrospective
    • Medically retired officers will no longer be part of the Loss of Confidence process
    • Currently WA Police have access to 168 days sick leave and medical costs covered even if injured off duty.  Medically retired officers have access to payments for ongoing medical and rehabilitation costs 

    Deputy Premier and Police Minister's office - 6552 5900


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