Hon Peter Collier BA DipEd MLC

Hon Peter Collier BA DipEd MLC

Former Minister for Education; Aboriginal Affairs; Electoral Affairs

    WA universities legislation enters 21st century

    14/10/2016 9:05 AM
    • All universities can now use their land commercially
    • Proceeds for teaching and research
    • Governing bodies to be smaller and members eligible for sitting fees 

    Western Australia's universities now have legislation attuned to the real world thanks to a Bill passed by State Parliament this week.


    Education Minister Peter Collier said Curtin, Murdoch and Edith Cowan universities could now use their land for commercial purposes, something The University of Western Australia has been doing for more than a century.


    "Curtin will use this in the development of Greater Curtin, a $500 million investment in student and staff accommodation and public transport infrastructure," Mr Collier said.


    Curtin also has plans for a university club with short-term serviced apartments, a combined academic and commercial partners building, business incubator zones and a possible hospital.


    "The development of Greater Curtin and similar developments at Murdoch will make the campuses, integral parts of their wider communities," the Minister said.


    WA's five universities each has its own Act and the Bill amends each of them.


    Western Australia's public universities are governed by a Senate (UWA and Murdoch) or Council (Curtin and Edith Cowan), and the maximum size of each will reduce from 20 plus, to 17.


    Three members of each are to be appointed by the Governor; three ex officio; two students, two staff and two alumni; and up to five people co-opted for their skills and expertise. Staff, students and past graduates are all elected.


    The Acts also permits members of Senates and Councils to be paid sitting fees, which would be determined by the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal.


    Fact File

    • There are five universities in WA; four public and one private
    • Each university is established under its own Act of Parliament
    • The Universities Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 amended all five Acts
    • Student guilds are guaranteed at least 50% of the money collected as a student services and amenities fee 

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