Hon Mark Lewis M. App. Sci. MLC

Hon Mark Lewis M. App. Sci. MLC

Former Minister for Agriculture and Food

    National approach to biological control

    13/10/2016 4:00 PM
    • Mirror laws ensure national consistency of biological control

    Western Australia's toolkit for managing harmful pest animals and plants has been bolstered by changes to biological control legislation, for the use of viruses in controlling pests.


    Agriculture and Food Minister Mark Lewis said the Biological Control Amendment Bill 2016 had been introduced into State Parliament, and would bring WA in line with the Commonwealth and other States' legislation to support national programs for biological control of damaging pests and weeds.


    "The Commonwealth has asked States to introduce a mirror law to ensure the administration and legal status of biological control has a uniform basis throughout Australia," Mr Lewis said.


    "The amendment will strengthen legislative authority and provide greater certainty for future programs where scientific consensus recommends the use of viruses for biological control.


    "Introduced pests can inflict substantial damage on the environment and vital agricultural resources, and cause significant economic loss.


    "Biological control is an important weapon in the fight against these pests and weeds.  This Bill will improve an important mechanism to ensure that the use of biological control is safe, well considered and in the public interest."


    The simple amendments will ensure references to prescribed organisms, covers organisms, viruses and sub-viral agents.


    Fact File

    • The Bill amends the State's Biological Control Act 1986.  The State Act mirrors the Commonwealth Biological Control Act 1984 which applies in the ACT and is also mirrored by legislation in the other States and Territories
    • The amendments in the Bill are in line with the amendments already made to the Commonwealth law

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