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Hon Sean L'Estrange MEdL GradDipResMan GradDipMan MLA

Former Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Finance; Small Business

    More red tape cut in Repeal Week 2016

    10/10/2016 1:30 PM
    • At least $179 million saved over five years
    • Red tape cut to save business and the community, time and money 

    Finance Minister Sean L'Estrange today launched the Liberal National Government's 2016 Red Tape Reduction Report Card.


    The report card showcases 36 examples of Government action to cut red tape, realising at least $179 million in savings over five years, supporting investment and productivity growth, and providing for better living standards for all West Australians. 


    "This year marks another successful year of red tape reduction, with the Liberal National Government focused on reducing barriers for business to drive economic growth and improve community experiences when dealing with government," Mr L'Estrange said.


    This is the second year the Government has released its report card, highlighting regulatory and process improvements across priority areas such as transport and business licensing, as well as demonstrating successes in new areas such as innovation.


    The 2016 Red Tape Reduction Report Card highlights 36 out of more than 100 red tape reduction initiatives including:

    • deregulating the potato industry, removing a 70-year-old restriction for growers and increasing competition and consumer choice
    • moving application processes for 49 different occupational licences and registrations online, producing combined savings for applicants and reduced costs for government agencies of more than $680,000 annually
    • driving innovation in the arts sector through the new 'Culture Counts' app, saving about $950,000 a year in market research costs and allowing rigorous assessment of the public value of the arts. 

    "Another initiative highlighted in the report card has made it easier for commercial photovoltaic systems to be fitted onto rooftops and connected to the Western Power network," the Minister said.


    "We have worked hard over the past 12 months to reduce the impact of regulation and red tape - saving money, saving time and making life easier for industry, business and the community."


    Fact File

    • The Government's Red Tape Reduction Report Card can be seen here
    • Submit your ideas to reduce red tape and #shredthered here
    • Click here to read the Government's Regulatory Reform Policy 

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