Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Former Deputy Premier; Minister for Police; Road Safety; Training and Workforce Development; Women's Interests

    Albany benefits from State CCTV Strategy fund

    15/07/2016 11:00 AM

    Community safety will be further improved for Albany residents after the Liberal National Government awarded the city funding for 18 extra CCTV cameras.


    Visiting Albany today, Deputy Premier and Police Minister Liza Harvey said the City of Albany would receive the grant through the Liberal National Government's Western Australian State CCTV Strategy, which was a significant election commitment.


    "The grant will allow the city to install cameras in crime hotspots which are not covered by the existing CCTV network in Albany," Mrs Harvey said.


    The Minister said there had been significant work completed on Albany's CCTV in the past 12 months and the grant would further enhance the effectiveness of the city's CCTV network.  The exact grant figure was still subject to contract negotiations.


    "CCTV is an effective tool which not only helps police react quickly to crime and antisocial incidents, but can help deter, prevent and solve crime," she said.


    Mrs Harvey said the State Government was pioneering an integrated CCTV network which would allow WA Police and emergency services to remotely access any compliant camera system to help respond to emergency situations, including criminal and antisocial behaviour.


    The Minister said as part of the State CCTV Strategy, the Government committed $5 million to a fund for local governments to install CCTV cameras in crime hotspots or upgrade existing infrastructure so it could feed into the network.


    Mrs Harvey said a more integrated network could be a potential game changer in preventing and prosecuting crime and antisocial behaviour.


    "This will work on several levels - police can assess emergency situations almost immediately, and if necessary use the vision as evidence in the prosecution of offenders," she said.


    "The Liberal National Government is dedicated to making communities safer through tough laws and providing police with the resources they need to combat crime and antisocial behaviour."


    Fact File

    • The total State Government commitment to the State CCTV Strategy is $8.5 million 

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