Hon Mia Davies MLA

Hon Mia Davies MLA

Former Minister for Water; Sport and Recreation; Forestry

    Innovative future in 2050 urban water outlook report

    15/06/2016 3:00 PM
    • Water for Growth Urban Water Outlook 2050 report released highlighting need for innovation

    A new State-wide future urban water outlook report released today by Water Minister Mia Davies highlights the need for acceleration of water innovation by the public and private sectors to meet projected demand to 2050.


    "The Department of Water's 'Water for Growth Urban Water Outlook 2050' report provides the data and highlights the opportunities for industry to analyse challenges, plan for future water needs and collaborate to create water supply solutions," Ms Davies said.


    "The data is telling us that we need to continue down the pathway of reducing, re-using and optimising all available water.  WA has already made great progress in water source development and demand management, however we are only at the beginning of the curve."


    The report is the most extensive developed to date and the latest forecast modelling predicts urban water demand across the State to grow by 45-80 per cent by 2050, even with continued reductions in annual per capita consumption through conservation and efficiency measures.


    A new Water Innovation Advisory Group has also been established as part of a Department of Water-led program to help drive creative solutions, and is chaired by Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation Matt Taylor.


    "The Water Innovation program includes a new online forum to widen the innovation conversation in the community, and for generating innovative conversation and case studies," the Minister said.


    "One of the group's first action's was to hold a workshop on June 2 to bring together 78 professionals from the private sector, local government, Liberal National Government, CSIRO, universities, Natural Resource Management groups and other organisations with links to the water sector.  Findings from the workshop will be incorporated by the advisory group in a report to me later this year.


    "The State Government is committed to supporting greater transformation of urban water services and management by supplying accurate technical information and demand modelling, to allow innovators to target the next challenge or hotspot."


    Fact File

    • To view the Water for Growth Urban Water Outlook 2050 report, visit http://www.water.wa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0016/8521/110200.pdf
    • Innovation Advisory Group members are Parliamentary Secretary Matt Taylor (chairman); Dr Julian Bolleter, acting professor, Australian Urban Design Research Centre; Josh Byrne, director, Josh Byrne and Associates; Bill Grace, Sustainability researcher and consultant; Dr Paul Hardisty, Flagship director, CSIRO; Professor Peter Klinken, chief scientist of WA; Sue Middleton, executive director of the Brennan Rural Group; Shelley Shepherd, partner/principal Essential Environmental; and Mike Rowe, acting director general, Department of Water
    • Water Innovation conversation http://yoursay.water.wa.gov.au/Innovation

    Minister's office - 6552 5500


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