Hon Dean Nalder BBus GradDip(AppFin&Inv) MLA

Hon Dean Nalder BBus GradDip(AppFin&Inv) MLA

Former Minister for Agriculture and Food; Transport

    Report highlights benefits of Roe 8

    24/04/2016 11:00 AM
    • Roe 8 will reduce road fatalities and cut operating costs for transport industry
    • Reduced congestion to improve local residential property values
    • More jobs created locally

    A report into the impact of Roe 8 on the local community has found there will be fewer fatalities, more local jobs, reduced costs for the transport industry and less congestion resulting in an improvement in the value of local properties.


    The report, prepared by Matusik Property Insights and released today by the State Government, analysed the potential effects of Roe 8 on a range of urban measures, based on case studies of five major road-related infrastructure projects across Australia.


    Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the most important finding was the potential reduction in the number of fatalities on the road by up to 70 per cent.


    "Since announcing Roe 8, we have consistently said it would reduce congestion and make our roads safer.  The evidence of other similar road projects proves that with reduced congestion, the roads are safer and there are fewer fatalities," Mr Nalder said.


    "Roe 8 will not only improve journey times for heavy vehicles, but also tradies and local residents, with an expected 86 per cent of vehicles that will divert from suburban streets on to the dedicated free-flowing route being light vehicles.


    "The evidence from case studies of similar projects shows how removing the vehicles from these streets improves the amenity of the area, leading to a rise in the value of local properties.


    "The analysis reveals the potential uplift in residential values over the longer term can be in the vicinity of 69 to 86 per cent.


    "I know there is a silent majority who are very supportive of this project for many reasons - it will reduce congestion, make roads safer and save lives.  It will also reduce commuting time, particularly for the daily journey to and from work; and it will improve the amenity of the local area."


    Fact File

    • The construction of Roe 8 is expected to create 2,400 jobs directly and 10,000 jobs indirectly

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