Hon Andrea Mitchell BPE DipEd MLA

Hon Andrea Mitchell BPE DipEd MLA

Former Minister for Mental Health; Child Protection

    ‘Meth Can Take Control' campaign hits its target

    18/04/2016 6:00 AM
    • Methamphetamine prevention campaign messages are hitting the mark
    • Real-life stories of negative health, social and legal impacts prove powerful 

    The second phase of the State Government's Drug Aware 'Meth Can Take Control' campaign will go live today delivering a strong prevention message to young people across Western Australia.


    Mental Health Minister Andrea Mitchell said initial feedback on the multi-media campaign launched on December 13, 2015 showed it was resonating strongly with young people and parents.


    "The campaign presents powerful real-life stories of people's lives unravelling due to the negative impact of methamphetamine on their mental and physical health, legal consequences, relationships and work," Ms Mitchell said.


    "Experts consulted in developing this unique campaign advised it was vital to speak directly to 17 to 25-year-olds at risk of using meth, but also to the harder-to-reach regular users, and their parents, family and friends, to encourage people to seek help and support earlier.


    "It is pleasing we are reaching these people with messages that motivate them to change their behaviours to prevent harm, delay the uptake and stop methamphetamine use."


    The Minister said there had been a very slight increase in amphetamine use over the past three years, but when examined over the past 10-year period, there had been a decrease in use.


    "However, the figures show that more of the people who do use amphetamines are using the more potent form, called methamphetamine or ice, and they are using more frequently, resulting in greater levels of harm," she said.


    Ms Mitchell said the Drug Aware methamphetamine prevention campaign was an important element of the Government's strategic approach which, together with law enforcement measures, aimed to reduce the demand, supply and harm caused by the illicit drug.  


    Fact File

    • For help with drug issues, contact the Alcohol and Drug Support Line 24/7 on 9442 5000 or 1800 198 024, or the Parent and Family Drug Support Line on 9442 5050 or 1800 653 203
    • The campaign includes radio and digital advertising, outdoor advertising and advertising in trains, buses and at night venues across the State
    • For more information, visit http://www.drugaware.com.au 

    Minister's office - 6552 5400