Hon Albert Jacob BEnvDes M.Arch JP MLA

Hon Albert Jacob BEnvDes M.Arch JP MLA

Former Minister for Environment; Heritage

    Free tests for smoky car exhausts in Perth

    15/03/2016 8:30 AM
    • Get vehicle checked at Morley, Wembley Downs, Kardinya and Wangara
    • Benefits for metropolitan air quality and big savings on fuel costs 

    Motorists driving through Morley today and tomorrow will have an opportunity to test their vehicle emissions as part of the State Government's CleanRun program to improve Perth's air quality.


    Drivers will be able to drive past a monitoring device at 190 Coode Street in Morley from 7am to 2pm on both days to get their vehicle emissions tested and rated.


    Up to 12,000 vehicles are set to be tested through the CleanRun program during March and April at this site and three others around Perth - Wembley Downs, Kardinya and Wangara.


    Environment Minister Albert Jacob, who attended today's Morley operation, said it was important to look at ways to monitor and reduce the impact of motor vehicle emissions on Western Australia's air quality.


    "Perth has good air quality but motor vehicles are a major source of air pollution in the metropolitan area," Mr Jacob said.


    "I encourage any drivers to drive past a site to get their vehicle checked because the testing gives drivers instant feedback on whether their emissions are 'good', 'fair' or 'poor'.


    "Drivers with vehicles receiving 'poor' readings are encouraged to go to a qualified mechanic and get their vehicle serviced as soon as possible."


    The Minister said data from this round of testing would be added to data from previous CleanRun emissions testing on 17,000 vehicles from 2014 to identify trends in the profile of Perth's fleet.


    "We will be able to see if there are fewer high-emitting older vehicles on the roads and whether there is a reduction in average emissions per vehicle.  We know the average size of vehicles and the number of diesel passenger vehicles has increased," he said.


    CleanRun will operate from 7am to 2pm at 90 Weaponess Road in Wembley Downs on March  22-23; 120 Winterfold Road in Kardinya from 7am to 2pm on March 30-31; and Prindiville Drive, near Lumsden Road, in Wangara from 7am to 2pm on April 5-6.


    Maps of the testing event locations are available at http://www.der.wa.gov.au/cleanrun-rem


    Fact File

    • Results from the CleanRun also contribute to the National Pollutant Inventory and the strategic assessment of transport corridors in planning processes
    • The CleanRun on-road vehicles emissions monitoring report from 2014-15 is available at http://www.der.wa.gov.au
    • This year's CleanRun monitoring results will be published on the Department of Environment Regulation's website 

    Minister's office - 6552 5800