Hon Helen Morton MLC

Hon Helen Morton MLC

Former Minister for Mental Health; Disability Services; Child Protection

    People with disability choosing their own way

    24/02/2016 12:00 PM
    • Transition of accommodation services provides positive outcomes
    • People with disability benefiting from greater choice and control
    • 104 people have now transitioned to their choice of service provider 

    More than 100 people with disability are now living different lives after choosing to participate in the Disability Services Commission's program to give them and their families greater say in the housing and support services they use.


    Disability Services Minister Helen Morton said greater independence, more enthusiasm for life and a sense of optimism were among the outcomes being reported by people who had taken part in the accommodation transition project since it began in January 2014.


    For many of the people involved in the program, this is the first time they have been given any choice about where they will live and the types of services they will receive.


    "The transition process has given them options and they have embraced them," Mrs Morton said.


    "The feedback we are getting is they feel better about their future and more engaged in community life."


    The Minister gave the example of two men who, after moving to Rocky Bay, began to approach life differently and take on new challenges and experiences.


    "Graham always loved going for van rides but would never get out of the van," she said.


    "He has built a trusting relationship with key staff and now gets out to engage in activities with others, such as enjoying fish and chips and walking in the park.


    "Dwayne has taken up woodwork, helps prepare a meal twice a week and has been improving his communication skills."


    Since January 2014, 104 people have, with the support of the Disability Services Commission, successfully transitioned from government-provided accommodation to a non-government provider.


    Fact File

    • 60% of the commission's accommodation services are being transitioned to the non-government sector
    • 83% of all accommodation services are currently provided by non-government organisations with the remainder provided by the commission
    • For more information, visit http://www.disability.wa.gov.au 

    Minister's office - 6552 6900