Hon Ken Baston MLC

Hon Ken Baston MLC

Former Minister for Agriculture and Food; Fisheries

    Marron season opens Friday

    6/01/2016 6:00 AM
    • Popular marron fishing spots include Collie and Murray rivers
    • Licences issued to 14,000 fishers 

    Thousands of people are likely to go recreational marron fishing this weekend, with the four-week season opening this Friday at noon.


    Fisheries Minister Ken Baston said about 14,000 people had sought licences to fish for marron at the Collie, Murray, Deep, Gardner, Warren, Donnelly, Blackwood, Capel and Preston rivers; and Moore and Hutt rivers and their tributaries.


    Marron fishing with pole snares is also permitted at Margaret River; Big Brook, Drakesbrook, Glen Mervyn, Logue Brook, Waroona and Wellington dams; and Harvey River and dam.


    For those fishing at Harvey Dam, Waroona Dam and the Hutt River, fishers can take five marron a day over the size of 90 millimetres within 500 metres of the waterline.


    In all other open water, the daily bag limit is eight marron over the size of 80mm (from noon one day until noon the next day).


    Mr Baston said recreational fishers made special trips to these places to enjoy the annual getaway experience to fish for Western Australia's popular freshwater crayfish.


    Just before Christmas, Department of Fisheries and Recfishwest staff helped relocate several dozen large marron and many smaller ones from drying pools along the south branch of the Collie River.


    Fishers should contact the FishWatch number on 1800 815 507 if they see marron impacted by low water levels and water quality or to report illegal marron fishing activities.


    Fisheries and marine officers will be on patrol before and during the season to ensure people catching marron are sticking to the rules - especially in regard to using the correct fishing gear.  Marron can only be caught using specific drop nets, scoop net, or bushman's pole snare. All other fishing gear, including any type of trap, is illegal.


    "Stay safe, watch the clock (because daily bag limits apply from noon to noon the next day), know your possession limit and other rules and enjoy a great WA fishing experience," the Minister said.


    Fact File

    • The season opens on noon Friday, January 8 and closes at midday on February 5
    • A licence is required for anyone taking part in WA's marron fishing season
    • Offences that warrant prosecution can attract penalties up to $5,000 for first offences plus up to 10 times the value of each marron.  Most offences for illegal fishing gear carry a $400 penalty

    Minister's office - 6552 5400