Hon Albert Jacob BEnvDes M.Arch JP MLA

Hon Albert Jacob BEnvDes M.Arch JP MLA

Former Minister for Environment; Heritage

    Hopeful new chapter for 13 WA native species

    5/12/2015 8:00 AM
    • Humpback whale removed from threatened species list
    • Western Shield has established 37 new populations of threatened animals

    Successful conservation efforts by the State Government and its partners in the community have boosted the populations of plants and animals to the point where 13 species are no longer listed as threatened in Western Australia.


    Announcing the annual review of Western Australia's threatened species list, Environment Minister Albert Jacob said four land mammals, the humpback whale, five other animals and three plants had been delisted.


    However, the status of the numbat has been upgraded from vulnerable to endangered and four mammals have been declared extinct on advice from the Threatened Species Scientific Committee.


    "Upgrading the status of the numbat to endangered recognises the impact that feral cat predation is having on wild populations," Mr Jacob said.


    "In response, the State Government has stepped up its fox baiting and is integrating feral cat baiting with other control measures to better protect native wildlife such as the numbat from these introduced predators.


    "Control of feral cats is one of our biggest challenges in protecting our threatened animal species, particularly mammals.  Expanding feral cat baiting remains the key conservation response for on-ground implementation by the Department of Parks and Wildlife."


    The Minister said delisting species highlighted the importance of wildlife recovery programs such as Western Shield and the Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy.  Western Shield has established 37 new populations of threatened animals throughout the State.


    The Shark Bay and Barrow Island boodies and the greater stick-nest rat have been removed from the threatened species list and are now listed as conservation dependent, along with the humpback whale, the red-tailed phascogale. The Muir's corella has also been listed as conservation dependent.


    The desert bettong, inland burrowing bettong, south-western rufous hare-wallaby and Gould's mouse are now presumed extinct. They have not been recorded for 50 to 100 years.


    The five plant species added to the threatened species list are species of Grevillea, Hypocalymma, Pityrodia, Stylidium and Tetratheca.  Species of Eucalyptus, Lepidium and Myoporum were removed from the list because they are now known to be in sufficient numbers and secure, and no longer at risk of extinction.


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    The 13 species removed from the threatened species list are:



    Shark Bay boodie

    Barrow Island boodie

    Greater stick-nest rat

    Humpback whale

    Red-tailed phascogale

    Crested-tailed mulgara

    Golden-backed tree-rat

    Northern marsupial mole

    Southern marsupial mole

    Orange leaf-nosed bat



    Eucalyptus insularis subsp. insularis

    Lepidium catapycnon

    Myoporum turbinatum