Hon Helen Morton MLC

Hon Helen Morton MLC

Former Minister for Mental Health; Disability Services; Child Protection

    Strengthening WA’s response to family violence

    27/11/2015 11:00 AM
    • 25th Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March
    • 2nd edition of the Family and Domestic Violence Common Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework to strengthen government and non-government collaboration

    Responses to family and domestic violence in Western Australia will be more vigorous following the launch of a revised risk assessment and management framework at the 25th Annual Silent and Domestic Violence Memorial March today.


    Child Protection Minister Helen Morton said a key feature of the second edition of the Family and Domestic Violence Common Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework was how agencies engaged and responded to perpetrators.


    "This framework has been developed for use by government and community service providers to promote a more consistent and collaborative approach to family and domestic violence," Mrs Morton said.


    "The new framework has a greater focus on information sharing, the referral process, new risk assessment tools and stronger practice guidance.


    "It identifies how to recognise emotional, physical, social, sexual, financial and spiritual violence, and when women and children are at extreme risk and require safe and supported accommodation.


    "It clearly sets out how agencies can work together to reduce and manage unacceptable risk to women and children from perpetrators of violence."


    The new framework is one of 20 actions from the State Government's recently launched Freedom from Fear Action Plan.


    The 2015 Annual Silent and Domestic Violence Memorial commemorates the 14 people who have died in WA in the past year as a result of domestic violence.


    "It is critical we all have a shared understanding of the risks perpetrators pose and that we take an active stand to stop these preventable deaths," the Minister said.


    Fact File

    • The first edition of the risk management framework, which sets the minimum standards for screening and assessing clients for family and domestic violence, was implemented in 2011
    • The 2nd edition of the common risk assessment framework and further advice is available at http://www.cpfs.wa.gov.au
    • Since last year's event, nine women, two men and three babies lost their lives to domestic homicide with more than 70% of domestic homicide perpetrated by an intimate male partner or family member
    • The silent memorial march is organised by the Women's Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services with support from the Department for Child Protection and Family Support
    • Women's Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 007 339
    • Men's Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 000 599

    Minister's office - 6552 6900