Hon Helen Morton MLC

Hon Helen Morton MLC

Former Minister for Mental Health; Disability Services; Child Protection

Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Hon Liza Harvey MLA

Former Deputy Premier; Minister for Police; Road Safety; Training and Workforce Development; Women's Interests

    New psychoactive substances laws start today

    18/11/2015 6:00 AM
    • Local retailers and suppliers advised about legislation changes, and health dangers associated with the use of new psychoactive substances 

    New laws take effect today banning psychoactive substances with proclamation of the Misuse of Drugs Amendment (Psychoactive Substances) Act 2015.


    Mental Health Minister Helen Morton said the emergence of new psychoactive substances and related harms had been an ongoing concern for the Western Australian Government, due to the serious health problems and harms associated with their use.


    "The Government has been proactive in banning a number of these specific substances already, and letting retailers and the public know about the dangers associated with their use," Mrs Morton said.


    "This legislation further strengthens our response and helps remove these extremely dangerous substances from circulation.


    "The Mental Health Commission has written to more than 1,500 local retailers and suppliers, advising them about the health dangers and the new laws, so there should be no excuse for people who continue to sell psychoactive substances.


    "An article about the changes will also appear in the Australian Retailers Association newsletter, and the Alcohol and Drug Support Line has been provided as a point of reference for further information for those seeking clarification of the changes."


    Police Minister Liza Harvey said officers had been contacting retailers to inform them of the new laws and the penalties which would apply.


    "These substances are extremely frightening for any parent worried their children might have access to them and the Government has moved to eradicate them from shop shelves," Mrs Harvey said.


    "These laws will control these potentially harmful substances that have no legitimate use and help remove them from circulation in Western Australia."


    Fact File

    • Those concerned about alcohol or drug use can call the Alcohol and Drug Support Line  for free counselling and referral on 9442 5000, or visit http://www.drugaware.com.au
    • The Act prohibits the sale, supply, manufacture, advertising and promotion of any psychoactive substance, or any substance purported to have a psychoactive effect, unless otherwise exempted
    • WA Police now have the power to destroy any substance that has, or is said to have a psychoactive effect with penalties of up to $48,000 and/or four years in jail 

    Mental Health Minister's office - 6552 6900

    Police Minister's office - 6552 5900