Hon Colin Holt BSc MLC

Hon Colin Holt BSc MLC

Former Minister for Housing; Racing and Gaming

    Secondary supply law goes before Parliament

    19/08/2015 5:45 AM
    • $10,000 maximum penalty for supplying alcohol to a juvenile without parental consent
    • Juveniles to attend intervention sessions for minor liquor offences

    Legislation making it an offence to supply liquor to a juvenile, anyone under the age of 18, without their parent or guardian's permission has been introduced into the Western Australian Parliament.


    Racing and Gaming Minister Colin Holt said the first stage of the Liquor Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 addressed issues which had attracted community interest.


    "During the Liberal National Government's wide-ranging review of the Liquor Control Act, a clear concern emerged about the supply of liquor to juveniles without parental consent," Mr Holt said.


    "The Government and I share those concerns."


    The Minister said it was not the Government's intention to reach inside the private homes of families but to tackle those people who disregard another parent's wishes or do not place any importance on responsible supervision practices. 


    "In this regard the Bill also provides that where a parent or guardian gives consent for their son or daughter to be supplied with liquor, the person supplying the alcohol must do so responsibly," he said.


    "The maximum penalty of $10,000 for those found guilty of this new offence sends a strong message to the community that irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated."


    The Bill also includes provisions for WA Police to issue juveniles with an alcohol intervention requirement (AIR) instead of an infringement for minor liquor offences. Mr Holt said the diversionary option was modelled on the Cannabis Intervention Requirement scheme contained in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1981 and the Young Offenders Act 1994.


    "An AIR issued by a police officer requires the juvenile to attend an alcohol intervention session conducted by an authorised alcohol and drug treatment service," Mr Holt said.


    "An alcohol intervention session will provide the juvenile with detail about the adverse consequences of drinking, relevant laws and effective strategies to address alcohol usage."


    Fact File

    • The Bill extends beyond the provisions of NSW secondary supply laws as it also provides that where a person has obtained consent from a parent or guardian that it is still an offence to supply liquor to a juvenile:
      • if the person is drunk
      • if the parent/guardian providing consent is drunk at the time of providing consent
      • if the juvenile is drunk
      • if the person is unable to supervise the consumption of liquor by the juvenile; or in any other prescribed circumstance

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