Hon Ken Baston MLC

Hon Ken Baston MLC

Former Minister for Agriculture and Food; Fisheries

    Pilot project finds safe home for native fish

    4/06/2015 12:00 AM
    • Pest eel-tailed catfish and aquatic weed removed from Lake Marmion 

    Native fish have today been released back into a Perth lake, marking the successful completion of a three-year project - the first of its kind - to remove a pest fish and a choking aquatic weed.


    Fisheries Minister Ken Baston said a pest eel-tailed catfish, commonly known as Tandanus tandanus, and the pest weed, Salvinia molesta, had both been eradicated from Lake Marmion, in Myaree, allowing the restocking of native fish.


    Mr Baston said the project, made possible by the support of the City of Melville and the Turtle Oblonga Rescue and Rehabilitation Network, was a great example of how the State Government could work with the community to achieve outstanding results.


    "Tandanus tandanus catfish had overrun the aquatic environment in Lake Marmion, but now they're gone, along with the noxious weed Salvinia molesta," he said.


    "Tests conducted on the pest fish at the Department of Fisheries' Fish Health laboratories also showed that a fish disease organism that causes red-spot disease was present in some of the 4,000 catfish taken from the waterbody."


    The Minister said native turtles also had to be temporarily relocated until the catfish pest was removed, but they had now been returned.


    "Monitoring has shown there was no damage sustained by other wildlife during the carefully supervised project," he said


    "Today's release of native western pygmy perch and western minnow into Lake Marmion is also an opportunity to trial restocking in an urban environment.


    "The Department of Fisheries has been working with the local Myaree community, including the nearby retirement home and local primary schools, to form a "˜guardians of the lake' group, to watch over it and discourage any further dumping of pest fish."


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