Hon Colin Holt BSc MLC

Hon Colin Holt BSc MLC

Former Minister for Housing; Racing and Gaming

    New tenants to receive 'P plates' in housing trial

    17/06/2015 8:10 AM
    • 12-month trial starts in July in the south metro region

    The State Government will trial the use of probationary tenancies in public housing to encourage tenants to take their responsibilities more seriously.


    Housing Minister Colin Holt said until now, probationary tenancies were only used where applicants with poor previous histories sought to re-enter the system.


    "The Department of Housing will conduct a 12-month expanded trial of probationary tenancies designed to encourage more tenants to fulfil their obligations in their taxpayer-funded homes," Mr Holt said.


    "Under this trial program, applicants housed from the wait list will be given a probationary tenancy of six months."


    Probationary tenancies will be supported by other initiatives that re-emphasise and improve tenants' understanding of their obligations.


    "The great majority of public housing tenants do the right thing and look after their homes, pay their rent and get along with their neighbours," the Minister said.


    "For the small minority who repeatedly fail to fulfil these obligations, the State Government will send a clear message that taxpayer-subsidised housing is time-limited and conditional. 


    "There are many people on the public housing waitlist who deserve a home more than tenants who refuse to respect the privilege they have been afforded by the taxpayer."


    Under the trial if tenancy conditions are not met, the department will not renew the agreement. If tenants behave they will receive a standard periodic agreement.


    The trial will be conducted in the department's south metropolitan region starting in July.


    Seniors will be excluded unless they have existing poor tenancy histories.


    Fact File

    • The State Government's strengthened Disruptive Behaviour Management Strategy was introduced in May 2011
    • There are 35 permanent employees in the Disruptive Behaviour Management Unit
    • When a complaint is made against a tenancy, the department will investigate the matter and take appropriate action where the complaint can be substantiated
    • The department received 13,324 complaints of disruptive behaviour in 2013-14
    • The department issued 1,340 first strikes, 507 second strikes and 171 third strikes in the 2013-14 financial year and 75 tenancies were terminated as a direct result of disruptive behaviour

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