Hon Colin Barnett MEc MLA

Hon Colin Barnett MEc MLA

Former Premier; Minister for Tourism; Science

Hon Helen Morton MLC

Hon Helen Morton MLC

Former Minister for Mental Health; Disability Services; Child Protection

    Premier signs NDIS agreements with PM

    31/03/2014 12:00 AM
    • National Disability Insurance Scheme to start in WA on July 1, 2014
    • Increased choice, control and resources to support people with disability
    • Trials independently evaluated to inform disability services into the future

    Premier Colin Barnett and Prime Minister Tony Abbott today signed the agreements that will provide the foundations for the trial of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Western Australia.


    The agreements provide the detail of the uniquely WA arrangement which will see two different models of service trialled and independently evaluated. 


    On July 1, 2014 the State Government’s WA NDIS ‘My Way’ trial will commence in the lower South-West region, with the Cockburn/Kwinana area joining the trial the following year.


    Disability Services Minister Helen Morton said the ‘My Way’ trial, to be implemented under State legislation, built on the strengths of the current WA disability services system and would be run by the Disability Services Commission.


    At the same time a trial of the national model will also commence in the Perth Hills area on July 1, 2014.


    “The Perth Hills trial will be run by the National Disability Insurance Agency and implemented under Commonwealth legislation,” Mrs Morton said.   


    “The NDIS agreements outline the respective roles and responsibilities of the Federal and Western Australian governments.  Both NDIS trial programs will enable people with disability and their families and carers to exercise greater choice and control over their lives and get access to more individualised support and services.


    “Both the State and Federal governments have committed significant additional funding to the trials to ensure people with disability are able to access the ‘reasonable and necessary’ support they need to live a good life in their local community.” 


    The agreements also outline the role to be played by a joint steering committee which will be established to oversee the progress and evaluation of both the NDIA NDIS and the WA NDIS My Way trial sites.


           Fact File

    • About 8,400 people across the two trial sites will benefit
    • The joint steering committee will comprise representatives from the Federal and State governments, and community representatives from both trial sites
    • For more about WA NDIS My Way trial, visit http://www.disability.wa.gov.au > NDIS in WA  
    • For information about NDIS Perth Hills, visit http://www.ndis.gov.au

    Premier’s office - 6552 5000

    Disability Services Minister’s office - 6552 6900