Hon Albert Jacob BEnvDes M.Arch JP MLA

Hon Albert Jacob BEnvDes M.Arch JP MLA

Former Minister for Environment; Heritage

    Campaign urges people to recycle right

    11/11/2013 12:00 AM
    • New campaign to encourage better household recycling
    • Ties in with National Recycling Week which begins today

    A new campaign - urging people to properly separate their waste to ensure maximum recycling - has been launched today, marking the start of National Recycling Week.


    Environment Minister Albert Jacob said the State Government-funded ‘That’s Rubbish’ campaign explained how to properly separate household waste.


    “Most West Australians want to recycle but many are mistaken about what exactly can and can’t be recycled,” Mr Jacob said.


    “Recent research by the Waste Authority found that 90 per cent of the public surveyed was keen to recycle and were looking for information about how to do this correctly.


    “This campaign aims to educate people that their household waste, which can end up unnecessarily in landfill, could be much better used.


    “The Government strongly supports this environmentally beneficial message to make the most of the resources contained in our rubbish bins and divert material away from landfill.


    “Keeping your yellow lid recycling bin clean and only for materials that can be safely recycled ensures plastics, cardboard, paper, aluminium cans and glass can be separated easily and used for new purposes.”


    The campaign was developed in co-ordination with the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) and the Waste Authority.


    The authority worked with WALGA to determine the top six messages for the campaign which will run until February 2014, capturing the Christmas holiday season - the peak waste period.


    The public can expect to see the ‘That’s Rubbish’ advertisements in their local newspapers and via shopping centre advertising throughout the metropolitan area.


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