Hon Terry Waldron MLA

Hon Terry Waldron MLA

Former Minister for Sport and Recreation; Racing and Gaming

    Sporting finals should focus on fun and friendship

    17/09/2013 12:00 AM
    • Parents encouraged to behave during junior sport finals
    • Emphasis of sport should be on skill development, building respect and fun

    Sport and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron has urged parents to keep a cool head on the sidelines during sports finals.


    Mr Waldron said it was up to all parents to lead by example and ensure they behaved appropriately at children’s sporting events.


    The Minister said most parents acted responsibly, but a minority could spoil it for everyone.


    Mr Waldron pointed to results from a study from South Australia’s Flinders University, which showed that aggressive behavior from parents caused junior footballers to lose confidence and quit playing sport.


    “We want our children to keep playing sport into their adult years so their experience needs to be positive, not ruined by parents and spectators who display inappropriate behaviour,” the Minister said.


    “Sport is more than just winning. We know that sports enthusiasts can get very competitive during finals time so I am urging everyone to remember the principles of good sportsmanship.


    “Let’s not forget that finals are also the perfect time for competitors to thank the coaches, officials and volunteers at their club who help to get the games on the field each week.


    “Club sport does not happen without all these dedicated people, wonderfully supported by our State sporting associations, who do a lot of work in making sure competitors and spectators understand how to behave in the sporting arena.”


    Mr Waldron said sport was a valuable forum that had many benefits, not only the physical, but also the social and academic.


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