Hon Brendon Grylls MLA

Hon Brendon Grylls MLA

Former Minister for Housing; Racing and Gaming

Hon Troy Buswell BEc MLA

Hon Troy Buswell BEc MLA

Former Treasurer; Minister for Transport

    Preston River realignment to be investigated

    12/06/2013 12:00 AM
    • Bunbury Port Authority receives $1.5million from Royalties for Regions for Design and Engineering Report to investigate Preston River realignment and enable the expansion of the Bunbury Inner Harbour 

    The Bunbury Port Authority (BPA) has been awarded $1.5million from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program to investigate options for the Bunbury Inner Harbour expansion and potential Preston River realignment.


    The design and engineering report will examine how Bunbury Port can meet future demand, as coal, urea, grain and alumina exports through the harbour are expected to increase.


    Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls said this project was important to ensure Bunbury could reach its potential as a major economic hub in the South-West.


    “Exports through the Bunbury Port are projected to increase from 14 million tonnes in 2011 to 31 million tonnes by 2020,” Mr Grylls said.


    “This report to determine the direction for the Preston River realignment is a key step in the Bunbury Port’s plans expand from seven to 15 berths.”


    Transport Minister Troy Buswell said realignment of the Preston River would enable the BPA to meet forecast growth in exports and expand the Bunbury Inner Harbour.


    “The port is currently constrained by the Preston River, which splits Bunbury Port Authority’s land holdings and obstructs the eastward extension of the inner harbour,” Mr Buswell said.


    “The river also cuts the Port Access Road (Willinge Drive) and forces freight traffic onto busy suburban roads through two roundabouts.”


    Royalties for Regions funding will allow the BPA to engage a consultant through a public tender process to provide alignment plans and cost estimates for the construction phase business case.


    The report is expected to be completed in 18 months. 


           Fact File

    • Proposed expansion of Bunbury Inner Harbour will increase capacity from seven to 15 berths
    • Project is important in Bunbury’s development as a regional economic hub

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