Hon Robyn McSweeney BA JP MLC

Hon Robyn McSweeney BA JP MLC

Former Minister for Child Protection; Community Services; Seniors and Volunteering; Women's Interests; Youth

    West Australians urged to access concessions

    19/10/2012 12:00 AM
    • More than 100 State Government concessions and rebates on offer
    • $1billion in State Government concessions expected to be accessed this year
    • Hardship Utility Grants increases
    As Anti-Poverty Week draws to a close, Community Services Minster Robyn McSweeney has urged any West Australian experiencing hardship to access the more than 100 State Government concessions, rebates and subsidy schemes listed on the ConcessionsWA website. 

    “People can experience poverty or hardship for a variety of reasons and the Liberal-National Government is committed to helping those who need it,” Mrs McSweeney said.

    “That is why we have recently improved access to more than 100 State Government concessions and rebates through a new website called ConcessionsWA. 

    “For the first time ever, West Australians can access all Government concessions in one place and I implore everyone to jump on and have a look as there could be a concession or rebate you didn’t know you were eligible for.”

    West Australians are expected to access close to $1billion of concessions this financial year.

    “These concessions are there to be used and I encourage the public to access them,” the Minister said.

    “During Anti-Poverty Week, I also want to thank our community service organisations which do invaluable work to help vulnerable members of our community.  The Liberal-National Government values your work and that is why last year it invested $604million over five years in the not-for-profit sector.”

    The State Government has also recently increased the amount available for a normal grant under the Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS) to $495 (up from $475) for people living south of the 26th parallel and $820 (up from $790) north of the 26th parallel.

    HUGS supports people in financial hardship to pay their utility accounts, maintain connection to essential services (electricity, water and gas services) and avoid eviction.

    On October 1 the new Cost of Living Assistance (CoLA) concession for electricity bills came into effect.  The CoLA payment is worth $200.  It replaces the Energy Supply Charge Rebate and is an increase of $53 a year for those eligible.  Families with children are also entitled to the Dependent Child Rebate (DCR), so eligible families with two children can receive the CoLA ($200) and a DCR of $307, taking the total annual rebate off their electricity bills to $507.
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