Hon Norman Moore BA DipEd JP MLC

Hon Norman Moore BA DipEd JP MLC

Former Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Fisheries; Electoral Affairs

    Unconventional gas focus for regional workshops

    3/10/2012 12:00 AM
    • CSIRO works with industry to present regional community workshops
    • Insights into emerging industry, answer questions and identify gaps
    • Workshops to visit Mid-West and North-West communities
    The State Government will partner with CSIRO and industry to jointly co-ordinate unconventional gas workshops in the Mid-West and North-West of Western Australia.

    Mines and Petroleum Minister Norman Moore said the partnership would help identify and alleviate community concerns about hydraulic fracturing and the State’s developing unconventional gas industry.

    “The public continues to receive highly contrasting opinions and factually inaccurate information that is not based on activities in WA’s developing sector,” Mr Moore said.

    “The initiative will bring together the Department of Mines and Petroleum; the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association; and CSIRO to provide fact-based workshops.

    “The workshops that start this month will not only identify community concerns but also help alleviate some concerns by providing access to expert advice on current exploration and potential future development of the State’s onshore shale and tight gas industries.”

    The Minister said community engagement during the early ‘proof of concept’ exploration phase for unconventional gas was important to the sector’s development.

    “Onshore natural gas has the potential to make a major contribution to Western Australia’s strong economic growth and long-term energy security but remains several years away from potential commercial development,” he said.

    “With exploration and appraisal for shale and tight gas resources in this State still in its infancy, WA has the benefit of being in a position to learn from other jurisdictions and implement the most rigorous regulatory framework for this industry as it develops. 

    “It is important the community is involved in that journey and the input of these three parties ensures information gaps can be met with trusted, expert information to provide the community with confidence in the emerging sector.

    The Mid-West workshop is on October 24 at the Recreation Centre in Port Denison, while the North-West workshop date is yet to be confirmed, awaiting guidance from the local community.
          Fact File
    • On August 29, 2012, new petroleum environment regulations were introduced mandating public disclosure of any chemicals introduced into a well or formation
    • WA now has the greatest level of chemical disclosure of any Australian jurisdiction
    • A 2011 assessment of world shale gas reserves by the US Energy Information Agency estimated WA holds 288 trillion cubic feet of shale gas, twice the gas contained in WA’s offshore areas
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