Hon Murray Cowper MLA

Hon Murray Cowper MLA

Former Minister for Training and Workforce Development; Corrective Services

    Public Protection Unit to help track offenders

    15/08/2012 12:00 AM
    • Tender opens to provide GPS technology to track Dangerous Sex Offenders
    • New unit to enhance management of offenders in the community
    Corrective Services Minister Murray Cowper has announced the opening of tenders for cutting edge GPS technology to allow the State Government to track Dangerous Sex Offenders (DSO).

    GPS tracking of these offenders this week moved a step closer with official State Cabinet approval to draft legislation to enable the tracking.

    “The State Government is committed to ensuring the safety of West Australians and this technology will allow us to know where Dangerous Sex Offenders are, 24 hours a day,” Mr Cowper said.

    “We have allocated more than $6million over four years for this purpose.

    “A GPS monitoring team will operate 24 hours, seven days a week from a central location and to monitor the movements of these offenders to ensure compliance with court orders and conditions imposed by Corrective Services officers.

    “A Public Protection Unit (PPU) is being established within the Department of Corrective Services, which will work closely with police and other agencies, integrating all those who work on the monitoring, supervision and case management of DSOs in the community and other high risk offenders.”

    “GPS works by monitoring offenders in near real-time, and - in conjunction with thorough case management - has the potential to enhance monitoring of these offenders by alerting the relevant staff if these offenders are not complying with their order conditions.

    “An electronic monitoring device is fitted to the ankle or wrist of an offender, enabling them to be tracked. 

    “GPS is not a ‘silver bullet’ in terms of managing offenders - it shows where people are, not what they’re doing - but used in conjunction with strong case management practices and conditions handed down by the court, it is another tool in the arsenal of community supervision of offenders and allows us to continue our strong focus on improving community safety.”
          Fact File
    • GPS information is sent back to a central monitoring station where it is monitored and recorded 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  This does not mean that each offender is under constant visual surveillance, but it does mean that there is the capacity to know an offender’s location at any given point in time
    • Tender documents are now available through Tenders WA for the supply of Electronic Monitoring and Associated Service
    Minister's office - 6552 5700