Hon Simon O'Brien MLC

Hon Simon O'Brien MLC

Former Minister for Finance; Commerce; Small Business

    On track for $25m office accommodation saving

    25/07/2012 12:00 AM
    • Govt offices at Mandurah, Busselton and Northam to be co-located
    • $20-25million per year to be saved by 2015
    Mandurah, Busselton and Northam will be the first locations for the latest State Government initiative to save taxpayer money on Government office accommodation.

    Finance Minister Simon O’Brien said the Government Office Accommodation Master Plan 2012-18 aimed to co-locate existing regional Government agencies into fewer buildings.

    “The plan is designed to improve public access to Government services; promote inter-agency co-operation; and provide higher standards of office accommodation to attract and retain public servants in regional areas,” Mr O’Brien said.

    “Co-location will enable departments to share office infrastructure such as printers, IT, and communications systems.

    “This Government is committed to a strong focus on regional development and continual improvement of services and investment in regional areas.

    “Government agencies not currently represented in these towns may now consider it viable to establish a presence, making use of the shared accommodation and services.”

    Other regional towns will also be evaluated for future priorities.

    The regional announcement follows the launch on June 27, 2012 of the master plan 2012-18 metropolitan component that is set to move staff from approximately 80,000 sqm of office space in Perth’s CBD to metropolitan centres at Murdoch, Stirling and Fremantle.

    The Government Office Accommodation Master Plan began in 2010, relocating up to 5,000 public servants from 18 locations and 23 agencies into co-ordinated office accommodation in Perth, West Perth, East Perth and Osborne Park.

    Preliminary analysis indicates the Government is on track to save $18million annually by 2012-13, a significant step towards the targeted $20-$25million a year in savings by 2015.
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