Hon Elizabeth Constable MA(Syd) DipEd(UNE) MEd(Harvard) PhD(UWA) MLA

Hon Elizabeth Constable MA(Syd) DipEd(UNE) MEd(Harvard) PhD(UWA) MLA

Former Minister for Education

Technology rolls out to WA public schools

18/06/2012 12:00 AM
  • State Govt’s $4m technology program benefits a further 124 public schools
  • Interactive whiteboards boost learning

Education Minister Liz Constable today announced the names of 124 schools that will benefit from a $4million funding program to install interactive whiteboards in classrooms over the next two years.


Dr Constable said a total of 242 schools will have benefited from this program once these schools received their new learning technology, putting the State ahead of the rest of Australia in the use of assistive technology.


Of the 124 schools announced today 33 schools had already been successful in the first round of funding for whiteboards.


“This innovative technology is revolutionising teaching, as students and teachers can physically interact with education software programs on a large whiteboard screen,” the Minister said.


Typically, the technology works by connecting the whiteboard to a computer and a projector by a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.  The whiteboard display simulates a computer mouse and keyboard and is operated by using a special pen or by finger touch.


Westfield Park Primary School principal Steve Soames said he witnessed firsthand how interactive whiteboards could transform students’ classroom experiences.


“The biggest benefit of interactive whiteboards is the way they appeal to the whole class because every student is focused on them,” Mr Soames said.


“In areas such as numeracy and literacy, often there are different routes to an answer and students are happy to use the whiteboards to show how they came to their conclusions.”


Mr Soames has overseen whiteboard installation programs in every school he has worked in after seeing their positive impact while he was working in the United Kingdom.


Dr Constable said the State Government was committed to providing high quality school environments for WA’s public school students.

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  • Submissions from schools for the final round of funding for interactive whiteboards will be called for in June
  • See attached PDF for schools to receive interactive whiteboards

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