Hon Christian Porter BA(Hons) BEc LLB(UWA) MSc(Dist)(LSE) MLA

Hon Christian Porter BA(Hons) BEc LLB(UWA) MSc(Dist)(LSE) MLA

Former Treasurer; Attorney General

    State Budget 2012-13: Building the State; Supporting our Community - $1.419billion for North Metropolitan

    17/05/2012 12:00 AM
    • $228.3million on construction of the new children’s hospital
    • $183.4m for the Perth City Link Project ($173.8m PTA and $9.6m Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority)
    • $167.3million for the Perth Waterfront Project
    • $92.7million for construction of the northern suburbs rail extension to Butler
    • $85.1million for redevelopment of nib Stadium
    • $36million on QE11 Medical Centre Central Plant Upgrade
    • $35million for works on Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel and Mitchell Freeway
    • $31.3million for Government office accommodation
    • $27million for continued construction of the Joondalup Health Campus Stage 1
    • $26.1million for continued construction of the Perth Police Complex
    • $22million for construction of the new State netball centre
    • $19.3million for construction of Butler High School
    • $15million to construct the Yanchep water pumping station
    • $11.4million to complete stage two of the Cancer Centre at SCGH
    • $10.7million to commence construction of North Butler Primary School
    • $10.1million for the Mental Health Unit at SCGH
    • $6million to complete construction of Pearsall Primary School
    • $6million to commence Banksia Grove High School
    • $6million to commence North Yanchep Primary School
    • $3.9million for Ashdale College
    • $2.4m to commence construction of the Western Australian Institute of Sport - High Performance Service Centre

    The North Metropolitan region is set to benefit from more than $1.419billion provided in the 2012-13 State Budget to build and support the community.


    Treasurer Christian Porter said the North Metropolitan region would gain from significant and sustained investment by the State Government in infrastructure and social initiatives.


    “The Liberal-National Government recognises the important contribution the North Metropolitan region makes to Western Australia and is committed to improving the standard of living in this area,” Mr Porter said.


    The Treasurer said the $196million surplus provided in the State’s Budget for 2012-13 reflected the Liberal-National Government’s strong leadership and disciplined financial management.


    “This Budget helps ensure the continued growth of the North Metropolitan region and is part of a longer term plan by the Government to maintain and strengthen the vibrancy of this region,” he said.


          Fact File


    Major State Budget initiatives that will benefit all of WA include:



    • $151m over 3 years (with $60m in 2012-13) for Information and Communication Technology to implement priority projects focused on Fiona Stanley Hospital & Albany Health Campus
    • an additional $40m in 2013-14 for the replacement of priority clinical & diagnostic medical equipment in WA hospitals


    • additional funding of $341m (including $43m from Royalties for Regions) over 3 years from 2012-13 to build new facilities at 29 secondary schools to accommodate year 7 students, to supply an additional 46 buses & retrain up to 525 primary school teachers

          Transport and Roads

    • $39m in 2012-13 for the $1b Gateway WA project, which will complement the planned consolidation of the Perth Airport, manage road congestion in the area, & enhance & protect the performance of the road freight network in the Kewdale & Forrestfield areas


    • introduction of the new $200 Cost of Living Assistance payment from October 1, 2012 which will replace the smaller Supply Charge Rebate
    • allocation of $4m over 4 years from 2012-13 to upgrade 41 family centres & 29 child care centres


    • extension of the Seniors Safety and Security Rebate

           Disadvantaged and vulnerable

    • an additional $15m in 2012-13 & $63m over the 4 years to 2015-16 to address increasing demand for child protection services
    • funding of $9m over 3 years to provide an additional 16 homes for Mental Health Commission clients who are unable to secure appropriate private housing

          Community Safety

    • $6million over 4 years to monitor the 16 offenders in the community who are currently subject to the Dangerous Sex Offenders Act 2006 through the use of Global Positioning System tracking
    • $12m over 4 years to target unacceptable behaviour by public housing tenants under the Government’s Disruptive Behaviour Management Policy

          Environment and Heritage

    • $15m over 4 years to establish new marine parks in the South-West & Pilbara regions, including management plans and visitor facilities
    • an extra $33m in recurrent & capital funding allocated over the next 4 years to improve the Department of Environment and Conservation’s fire preparedness
    • $1m to upgrade existing oxygenation plants on the Canning River, & a further $1m in 2013-14 to build a new oxygenation plant on the Swan Canning Riverpark

          Employment and Training

    • an additional $99m over the 2 years from 2012-13 for the delivery of training services in WA and to help address the State’s future labour needs

          Building the State

    • a total investment in infrastructure by the Government of $26.4b over the next 4 years, including $7.6b in 2012-13
    • $167m in 2012-13 to continue development of the inlet & public domain as part of the Perth Waterfront project

          Royalties for Regions

    • a total of $1.1billion Royalties for Regions expenditure budgeted for in 2012-13
    • $100million committed in 2012-13 to the Housing for Workers program

    WA Budget statements are available at http://ourstatebudget.wa.gov.au


    Treasurer’s office - 6552 5600