Hon Norman Moore BA DipEd JP MLC

Hon Norman Moore BA DipEd JP MLC

Former Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Fisheries; Electoral Affairs

    State Budget 2012-13: Building the State - Minerals Research Institute to help drive discoveries

    16/05/2012 12:00 AM
    • $7.5million over three years to support mineral research
    • Supporting research to develop new exploration and processing technologies
    A Minerals Research Institute promoting mineral research in Western Australia will be established with $7.5million in funding in the State Government's 2012-13 Budget.

    Mines and Petroleum Minister Norman Moore said the initiative would focus on researching new technologies that fostered improved exploration techniques and promoted new processing methods.

    “This research will promote the long-term international competitiveness of WA’s minerals industry through innovation, increased productivity and investment attraction,” Mr Moore said.

    “WA is a world leader in the resources industry and the sector’s importance to the State’s economy is well known, however it is vital the Government invest in research for the future benefit of all West Australians.”

    The Minister announced the new initiative while presenting the Minerals and Energy Research Institute of WA 2012 scholarship winners.

    Mr Moore said the new institute would continue the work of the existing Minerals and Energy Research Institute of WA (MERIWA) scholarship program, building on its achievements.

    “The institute will provide a better resourced organisation with stronger governance and board arrangements to oversee the research programs and with representatives from industry and universities on the board to ensure research programs target and deliver long-term benefits for WA’s resources sector,” he said.

    “The mining sector is a finite industry and its long-term survival depends on the discovery of new resources and the development of new technologies.

    “These new technologies will play a vital role in making previously uneconomic deposits attractive to industry and the establishment of this Institute represents a strategic model to support the future sustainability of the State’s minerals industry by managing and targeting minerals research in WA.”

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    • WA has risen to be ranked a joint leader by the Fraser Institute Survey (measuring reputation as an exploration investment destination), for survey results, go to: http://www.fraserinstitute.org

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